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Damage to deck of Dominator (Rapidfire)

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  • Damage to deck of Dominator (Rapidfire)

    Aloha guys,
    Recently I discovered a good sized ding on the deck of my board. It was in an area that is close to my tail pad and I guess i must have a had a few surfs nefore I even noticed it!! Anyway, I am pretty confident at fixing most dings, but how do you deal with the cracked bamboo? Do I just fill it like a normal ding , or do I have to cut out the bamboo that was smashed in??

    PS I can attach a picture later if that helps

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    If there's a loose area of bamboo I'd cut it out and fill that area with a q cell mix to get it flush then repair as normal. It might be possible to recover and reuse that piece of bamboo to hide the repair. Push it down onto the filler and then glass over the top.


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      IMG_0729.jpg A close up picture of the carnage!!!


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        Ouch, I'd cut out that collapsed area in the middle and any shattered or delaminated areas where it's cracked and sand that whole damaged area right into the weave of the clothe. That way when you fill the hole and re-glass over the top the resin should soak into the exposed cloth and those fracture marks will hopefully be invisible.

        You might be able to put those collapsed bits of bamboo back over the q cell filler and at least keep the repair looking something like the rest of the board as I said before.


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          Thanks for the advice prjwebb. I have cut away most of the cracked glass. Wood still feels wet. I guess it may be a while before its dry. At least it in area where aethetics is not that big of a deal as its going to be covered in wax!