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Drilling to let water out

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  • Drilling to let water out

    Hi there - I cracked the deck of a Dom with my heal and want to make sure I've got all of the water out before repairing it.

    Unfortunately the crack is in a spot that's impossible to get low enough to let gravity do its work. So my question is, has anyone had any success with leaving a board nose down and drilling a small hole in the nose to release the ingress?


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    Yeah I've read of people doing that.


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      I do that all the time. It works, but you have a to fix a more significant ding because of it. It's worth it to me because I don't want ANY water trapped in there. I currently have a board laying on it's side in my garage with 4 holes drilled into it. The water just keeps on coming.


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        Also try sucking the water out. Once you think you have all the water out, try to wrap the area where the ding is in cling wrap, and put some rice in there. Make sure it is well sealed, this draws out any left over moisture. You will be surprised how much moisture still come out. Leave it over night. And repeat Asante times as you need. I just did this with my rapid fire potatonator. Worked a treat. Good luck


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          Thanks gents. Holes drilled and board set aside in a warm room for a few weeks to see what comes out.

          Have any of you tried this epoxy glue with fibreglass on EPS foam?

          I'm looking for an alternative to large containers of resin and hardener that I can slip in a boardbag for repairs on the move.


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            Sorry I missed this early on, but yes that's a good way to do it provided you took on a lot of water. most of the time, if you damage a board, and get right out of the water, you won't have to drain anything. Just a couple days in a warm dry place will take care of it, perhaps cutting away some of the broken glass as well. If it's soaked, a secondary hole may help you get some additional drainage.

            Good luck and be patient with it!!