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FCS Fins cut into board

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  • FCS Fins cut into board

    Hello, I have had a Firewire Spitfire with FCS fins for about 3 years, and I broke a fin about a month ago by hitting a rock. The fin snapped off, it did not hurt the board. However, I took the board into the shop and realized that 2 of the 3 FCS fins had cut into the board deep enough to let in water. The guy at the shop told me "this is a problem with epoxy boards", so I bought new fins and fixed the cuts, but now I realized that the board is heavier and not as buoyant as before.

    This opened up a few questions:

    1) Is this really a problem with epoxy boards?
    2) Is there any warranty for this type of problem happening?
    3) Is it common for fins to become loose and start cutting into the fiberglass behind the fin box?


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    This can happen to any type of board construction. I did a similar thing last month jumping off rocks at my local spot. Miss timed and landed the fins onto the rocks. I just let the board dry off com paired it's weight to new dry weight. This was the same so just fixed the cracks with cloth and epoxy resin. If you think the board is heavy open up the scars and leave to dry in a warm room for two weeks min....


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      There's no warranty for pushing fins through the bottom your board by hitting rocks I'm sure! EPS foam sucks up water which is probably what the repair guy mentioned as the problem. Nothing to do with epoxy resin.


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        Thanks guys - I thought the fins cut into the board for some other reason over a period of months, did not realize that the fins could cut the board before breaking off, but that makes sense. Thanks for the info.

        Seems like a good excuse to get a new Firewire. :)