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Did the balsa absorb water?

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  • Did the balsa absorb water?

    Hi, after coming out of the water yesterday I noticed a part of the balsa rail on my potatonator is way more darker color than the rest of the rail. Now I am not sure if this is just the color of the wood or did the wood absorb water? I can see two small scratches on the surface but they don't look like they absorb water. The weight of my 5'10 fst potatonator is 3120 g. Does anybody know if that is heavier than usual?
    Thank you for your answers :)
    sorry about the low quality but you can clearly see the different color of the balsa wood...

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    to be on the safe side, i'd let the board "dry out" for a couple of days with the cracks or scratches facing downwards. Once you're satisfied it's dry, put a small amount of solarez or other sun cured epoxy resin over it. That will keep it water tight, and you'll barely be able to see it.


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      thanks :) i tried sucking it and there is no air so I think I am safe :P thank you both :)


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        looks wet to me. check the fin box as that should be right by that area.

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      the fin box is fine... to be extra sure i checked all of them :) any other possibilities?


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        If you've tried all of the above, then it might just be the darkness of the bamboo like you mentioned. Wood is not alway uniform so the bamboo may just be darker there. If it isn't affecting the ride quality of the board I wouldn't be too concerned..

        - FIJ


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          The dark stain on the rail started to grow so I re-checked the board, cleaned the wax off and noticed a 5 cm hair-thin crack in the deck. I only saw it when I looked at the board from 10 cm distance. Couldn't believe it. It is in the drying process right now... Just wanted to inform you guys if you notice a dark stain in the rail... check every inch of the board with total precision... :(