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Stealth delam under front foot wells

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  • Stealth delam under front foot wells

    Hi Guys
    My beloved stealth is starting to delam under my front foot.
    There are two foot wells where my heal and ball of my foot are placed. I can't find any reason for there to be any water in there.
    No cracks the deck glassing and skin all looks good, no glass weave showing at all either, and i did the valve test where i place some water on it to see if it's taking any in. All seems water tight.
    I guessing it's just caused by the constant pounding my front foot gives it.
    The wells feel a bit spongy. i can push my fingers from one side of the well to the other and see the glassing
    ripple across like there's air in their.
    Would only a FW repairer, be able to fix this as i seems like its between the foam and the composite material that has delaminated and not the top glassing?

    Any help would be great.


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    I would bring it to the certified FW since t might need some vacuum bag intervention. For the description given it looks like your reasoning is spot on!. Has the board ever received dings?


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      might need some epoxy injecting through the delam area and then vac bagging down.


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        I fixed this on a dominator that was part of either the first or second batch of dominators that was made. The deck totally Delamed. I had to cut through the glass and Hi-density foam to open the board up. Created glass filled stitches in the foam where it had given way and threw a layer of 4oz over the big crater. filled the gap with a mixture of Micro-Balloons and Resin, set the foam chunk back into the gap so that Filler was oozing out the sides and than laminated over top of it all. Threw a hot coat on it and you couldn't even feel it. The board didn't gain that much weight and was rock solid. It could be fixed locally probably but for a repair done by people fully understanding what they are dealing with than yea FW would be a safe bet. I know alot of people who fix dings consider FW's a nightmare, to be honest though they are not too bad. I find that the added weight while it might take away from the board a bit, sometimes helps. When it gets really offshore and hollow, I sometimes find myself wishing I wasn't riding something that weighed nothing. In the process of fixing up a 6'1 Flexfire that got torn up inbetween the fins and on the rails by the reef. Once Im done Ive got myself a nice shortboard with some added weight that will be good for the only conditions I might ride it in. Big hollow surf where its good to have a board you dont care too much about also because than you just go, no pulling back.


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          styler you can email me directly at and I can take a look and do my best to help.



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            Had the same issue, its faulty lease plugs, the leak and over time the water gets in unnoticed if you have a tail pad and delays the board. Firewires response is to make you pay for a new board saying its been used!!!!

            Tell all that they are a rubbish company with arrogant support, and use us surfers as test pilots for new tech, while also profiting from us.

            Annoyed from NZ




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              thanks blair. you have continued to damage your credibility. I find it really bizarre that you are conducting yourself this way. Every consistent user of this forum could tell you that we work hard to help our customers. unbelievable. it humors me that you are badmouthing our customer service when my post directly above this one flies against everything you are accusing us of.

              i am sorry of your issues but you have handled things entirely inappropriately.