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Cracked fiberglass around FCS fin plugs new Chubby Chedda

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  • Cracked fiberglass around FCS fin plugs new Chubby Chedda

    Dear Firewire Customer Support,

    I have been owning a new Firewire Chubby Chedda purchased from one of yours authorized retailers in Portugal for 4 months now. I have been pretty stocked with it until 2 days ago when, surfing pretty small waves (3 feet), I found the fibreglass arond the FCS fin plugs cracked badly (attached you find a picture)
    I didn't hit the sand and there were no rocks where I was surfing. I purchased this surfboard to last for sure longer than a normal surfboard and of course I m pretty disappointed that this happen just after few months I own it and during a normal surf. I want to claim a warranty replacement to Firewire Customer Service because I believe this is obviously a construction error. How can I do to claim the warranty here in Portugal?

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    You will have to take it back to your dealer who will examine the board for other damage and reasons for the problem. If they are satisfied they will talk to Myles at FW Europe and he will deal with the repair/replacement. For what it's worth, that looks like it's been landed on and ripped out sideways to me. There's no way the plug would have been fine for 4 months and then suddenly fallen out like that. Talk to your dealer and see what happens from there.


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      Damn gremlins.


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        ok thanks, I will do that. Honestly I don't know how it happened. I was just surfing and I didn't hit anything. I was wondering 2 things:

        -do you think that if it gets fixed that part would be resistant how it should be supposed to be when you purchase a new surfboard? This kind of damage in the fins, that are constantly under pressure, can be fixed well or that part will be always a weak point?

        -what is the brown material close to the fins box? I was checking the future shapes technology materials and I didn't find anything like that so I was wondering what it was.

        Thanks in advance for your answers.


        • Phill
          Phill commented
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          The brown material is the high density skin. It's painted white on the surface but the material it's self is brown.
          If you get the fin box replaced professionally it will be as strong as a new board, yes. Just get someone experienced with epoxy and if possible firewires to carry out the repair.

        • Fazza
          Fazza commented
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          Make sure it is well and truly dried out before it is repaired.

          I had a crease 12" from the nose of my board that did not go all the way across. I probably surfed it for and hour like that before i realised……water was pissing out of the crack for sometime. I think i left it for 4 weeks to dry out before i got it fixed……good as new with no problems.

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        Yeah those plugs once repaired professionally are as good as new.Fins are usually designed to snap before the plug goes. Do you have any dings around that area that could have allowed water to come in?. Happened to my spitfire rapid-fire that I had a crack on the base of the plug and did not notice for a month or so. Water came in and weakened the plug causing a similar effect. Took it to an authorized repair centre and the board was as good as new.


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          does anyone know the customer service email, in order to send them an email regarding my surfboard?


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            Email pictures to Chris at

            - Firewire Intern Josh


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              Thanks, I showed to the Distributor the part damaged and he confirmed me that the fin box shouldn't break like this and this is obviously a construction error. The Distributor sent the pictures to Firewire. Now I hope to receive an excellent Customer Service