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  • snapped taj 6,2

    i recently purchased a taj pro. about 6 weeks ago but due to working abroad only surfed it for the first time this week, instantly i liked the board and was very happy with my purchase untill yesterday which was the 4th time i used it, when surfing a four foot wave i come up to see it broking in half and it is right across where the vaule is ( i have attacted photos ). i have been surfing my whole life and snapped many board but in my opinion this wave and situation wasnt worthy of a snapped board expecially a firewire?? would like to know what you think

    cheers luke
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    Your best bet is to email with the following information.

    Age of the board
    Boards serial number
    Proof of purchase
    Number of times surfed
    Conditions damage occurred in

    Wouldn't hurt to send a link to this thread either so he knows who he's talking to.


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      If you recently purchased the board it seems strange that it has a valve. I have a Taj Pro that i purchased 6 months ago and a friend who purchased his Taj Pro ealy in 2011 and neither came with valves.

      Was the board new or 2nd hand?


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        it was a new board i ordered it from a shop in america called surf station and i had it send to france where i was a the time and pick it up. so unless they sent me an old board in stock or some r made different i dont know it was the first firewire i had owned??