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  • Snapped RF Spitfire

    Originally posted by Chris View Post
    yeah don't buy any board that has been creased unless its like 100 bucks...
    From this thread
    Chris, does this rule of thumb also apply to a board that has snapped too? A pretty new RF spitfire board snapped 3rd surf is for sale for $100 and I was wondering if it was worth the trouble of buying it and then getting it repaired.

    The snap is about 6" forward of halfway, probably nearly the worst spot. The bottom is snapped and the bamboo deck is mostly intact some slight cracking at the sides. Anyone got a ballpark figure for repair costs?

    Definitely need a poll! Guys, what do you think, yay or nay?

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    If the carbon rods are snapped I'd stay well clear.


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      I think board repairs would be in the range of 150 to 200 dollars
      Add that to your hundred to buy and it probably wouldn't be worth it
      Maybe buy it for 50
      Just gotta be prepared to throw it if the repaired board is a pig to ride


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        Usually Pu boards after a good repair will not snap in the same spot again on the repair. Propblem is the wont have the same characterists in flex, stiff drive or otherwise. I dont know much about EPS. I personally would stay clear of a break in the middle dead center where most of the flexing is going on. get yourself a new one or newer.
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          Originally posted by Wandi View Post
          Just gotta be prepared to throw it if the repaired board is a pig to ride
          Yes my experience with PU boards is that they are never the same for all the reasons Fritz mentions and also the balance can often be destroyed because one end becomes heavier than the other. I was only ever half serious about buying it as it's also futures, and all my fins are FCS, and I prefer FST anyway but it was an off chance it might have been OK and worth fixing and sending away to keep at the in-laws. Always good to hear other's opinions. Thank you.


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            I think its a tough call. I don't like full on snaps. I'll do it for a low cost but not sure i would ever buy a board that had snapped.


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              I'm steering clear anyway for the reasons I mentioned and also when I asked about the carbon rods I got a very evasive answer - "I can't see any".