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Bought a used Dom, checks on repairs?

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    Happy for ya buddy!!!!.Enjoy it!!


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      One more question actually, when sanding I use 60 grit to rough up the area pre fix. When I sand down after a layer of cloth and resin what sort of grade would I use if I'm trying to be careful not to sand too far. I sometimes wonder if the 100's too corse but the 240 takes forever to sand with


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        for sanding the lam coat i usually use 80 or 120. 100 would be good i reckon.

        Where abouts are you based Matt? I know ding devils in north devon do ridiculously good repairs on firewires. however, i'd say you're well on your way to handling this one yourself.


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          Thanks for the tip phill. I'm based in London unfortunately (I'm working on that). But I get down to Cornwall or up to Scarborough/Whitby (only 3.5 hours amazingly) about twice a month so I'm getting by despite not having surf on my door step at the moment

          Got a boat trip booked for Maldives in 5 weeks, so pumped! Ding devils may be a good call if it all goes wrong at some point so appreciate the recommendation.

          Just spent an hour or so sanding down that fibre glass/resin layer with 60 (maybe a bit to corse it seems) it actually looks pretty good now appears to be solid and relativly flat right over the previous repair.

          You think I could get away with just putting the final layer of glass on or do I need a second patch of cloth? It all seems solid and water tight.

          Oh and by laminate layer do you mean the fibreglass/resin layer or the final lick of resin over the top to finish?

          Cheers again for everyones help so far


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            Lam coat is the coat binding the fibreglass.
            Regarding going with a finish coat of resin other the existing repair, maybe throw up a pic of how it's looking now. I'd say yes, but that bottom right area of that photo the cloth patch ends VERY close to the edge of the putty repair and now that it's been sanded I worry that you might be a bit exposed in that area.
            If you do leave it as it is I'd keep and eye on that area after surfs and just make sure there's no cracks appearing around that edge of the putty.


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              unfortunately being as impatient as I am I went and used the paint pen on it already so its going to be difficult for you to tell, I know what you mean about that corner being close though. I had a good look at it and it was well covered on that corner and wasn't exposed, the only bit that worried me a little was that tiny air bubble you can see in the picture, but i figured the last coat would cover that.

              I could sand it down more and put some more cloth on it if you think thats the thing to do from here?


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                Well that would be the belt and braces approach, but it could just as easily be fine as it is. It's your call, but it's probably easier to make sure it's 100% at this stage rather than have problems further down the line. Or if you're doing a run down to cornwall anytime soon drop it into ding devils and have them colour match the repair also.
                They do some amazing work

                Another smaller one here

                And an absolute beauty here


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                  Yeah good points, think il sand it back one more time and go for another piece of cloth.

                  Those ding devils did some amazing colour matches so maybe il pay them a visit sometime soon for a more permanent fix. Amazing work!

                  thanks again for all your help


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                    No worries. I think if I had an bigger ding I'd take it there even though it's a trek for me. Gets the board back to looking new, and when the boards stay looking so pristine for so long it's a shame to have an ugly repair letting them down!


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                      good stuff guys.


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                        Hey Matt_s
                        I think i know the history of your used Dominator, a friend of mine traded it in at Cardiff city surf shop for a sweet potato giving him a sweet potato & alternator quiver. If its the same board im thinking of it is well used and has had a couple minor knocks but woud have been taken straight out the water and left to dry out before another friend of mine woud have repaired it for him, he is not a prefesional ding repair but an old school long boarder who likes tinkering with boards and a good air brush artist hence the spray paint over the repair. Hes local to us and happy to repair boards and does a better job than i could tho he aint up to the Devil standards, his repairs are awesome!
                        Enjoy the board she is sweet.