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Rapidfire Alternator crease/buckle repair

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  • Rapidfire Alternator crease/buckle repair

    I creased/buckled my quiver workhorse 5'8" Alternator this morning. I buckled a FST Dominator about 2 years ago and had it repaired. Repair of the FST was an easy call since I could see the balsa rails had not cracked and the rocker was unaffected. However, the Alternator is Rapidfire construction, so I don't know the condition of the carbon rods. The Alternator crease is only on the deck and rails. The bottom looks unaffected. Could you guys take a look at the attached pics and let me know your suggestion: repair or trash? Any special notes on repairing the bamboo deck of a Rapidfire board? I've only had this board for 6 months and it is my new favorite go-to board for most conditions, so I'd hate to lose it.
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    I'm about to drop $120 on this repair. It would be nice to either get some reassurance from Firewire that I'm not wasting my money, or to cancel the repair.


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      Hey Auburnham, Chris should be jumping in here soon. Did you take it to the repair guy??? Is he familiarized with Firewires?


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        Does the rocker look intact? If the carbon rods are still solid it should still feel pretty rigid. Can you bend the board at the buckle easily ?


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          Hi iggy & prjwebb, thanks for the notes. I dropped the board off for repair at a shop that sells Firewires. They outsource their repairs, so I don't know anything about the repair guy. This shop has a good reputation, so hopefully they have a good guy to do their repairs. I had my Dominator crease repaired at the same shop, but it was about half the price, which has me a little worried about the extent of damage to the Alternator. They said they recently switched repair guys and the new guy charges more, so that might explain the price difference. The rocker and bottom of the board looked unaffected, but I didn't try bending the board to see if it was weak at the buckle for fear of making the problem worse. Hopefully I'll hear something from Chris or another Firewire rep soon so I can call off the repair if the stick is busted and it will just be a waste of money.


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            hey auburnham,
            So looking at that, it seems there is some integrity left in that the board didn't break in half. I feel an experienced repair person would be quite able to make this board work for you again. The one thing to keep in mind is that obviously a crease has a higher likelihood to re-break in the same spot for obvious reasons. If your quote is only $120, I would go ahead and do it because that's really not a terrible quote for such a big repair with as much glass work as there will be.

            I think in the end, you want to make the call. The board will for sure work again and work well, but the possibility exists that the board could break in the same spot on your next surf if you wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

            Its not a direct answer but I am not sure how to better answer it.



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              Thanks, Chris. That's the info I needed. I've buckled a few boards in the past with varying degrees of repair success, but this is the first Rapidfire board I've buckled, so I wasn't sure how to evaluate the structural integrity. Maybe you guys could start an insurance program for suckers like me.


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                mate, even if you get a new board, for $120 i would fix it and keep it for dodgy barrel days...