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Board Bog new repair material

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  • Board Bog new repair material

    There's this new stuff on the market called Board Bog for temporary but secure repairs while you're away but it can be easily removed later when you get back for permanent professional repairs. I posted this on the cleaning thread but thought this worthy of its own thread to raise awareness and document any experiences with it.

    If it delivers what it promises it should be ideal for those away trips in case you have a mishap and get a ding. No sanding just push it into place and it sticks and will remain in place for as long as needed. I intend to take this away later in May on a trip into remote Indo, has anyone had any experience with it?

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    Looks like a removable dingleberry putty epoxy!!
    Thanks for the post


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      I just noticed FCS aslo have instant repair putty, which looks like the same kind of thing.


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        yeah the stuff works, but its SUPER stiff. As a result, any board (Firewires, PUs, etc) will flex and in time, the putty will separate a bit and it won't stay tight, so make sure to repair properly when you get home!