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My new KTJ511Q 2011 Problems with my insert

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  • My new KTJ511Q 2011 Problems with my insert

    Hello, I, am on my installs footsraps 11.5 Pivec 2011, with screws and washers origins, and I noticed that on the back of the ASR rear insert the screw through and it is referred to in the case of spoiler.
    Is this normal?
    The fin box and insert the block they are of one piece?
    The insert is sticking to it fin box?
    Should I cut the screw to shorten, and plug the hole with resin Epoxy?
    My other inserts are as they drilled?
    But I had measured the length of the rivet pop, and it seemed good.
    Thank you for your advice, I await your answers.

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    Okay, so nobody sails strapped board.Pourtant this as good when it is strapless ..........
    Not nice boyfriend to give me their opinion?
    I just take my strap, the insert is squarely on the fin box.
    I feel like he did it on purpose.
    I await your feedback.
    Thank you!!