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Addvance: removing water from crack?

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  • Addvance: removing water from crack?

    I have a FireWire addvance and noticed that a section of the bamboo deck is turning darker. After close investigation I found a 3" hairline crack in the rail beside the discoloration. I'm guessing water has got in here and has dampened the bamboo deck. My question is how do I get it out?
    Should I put a larger hole in the rail to allow it to drain out?

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    It sounds like it has been taking on water for a while to discolour the deck, EPS will suck in water!! If it has taking on for sometime it will take a longtime to get it dry. I would take it to a professional repairer who a vacumn pump
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      Yeah vaccum pump will be the best,if not available drilling a little hole to allow drying is also a good idea.
      I have aspitfire rapidfire which had a crack in the center fin plug. Took water for soooo long, to the point that the bamboo got darker first, and at some point blackish. Drilled holes and repaired it. I will have to change the center fin plug though