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cracked, probably water logged, deck repair

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    Hi yes I would use Epoxy resin and cloth to fix ans like I said earler maby put a patch of extra cloth where your back foot lands instead of a tail pad.
    If you dont feel confident get the local shop guys to do it. You will proberly not even notice the repair once compleet.

    Originally posted by rahsoul View Post
    Thanks for the help. I'm guessing I should repair it with resin + fiber cloth etc. and not something like Quik Stik?

    I ask because that is what I have. If resin/cloth is best I might look to take it to a repair shop as I'm not entirely familiar and don't want to balls it up. lol


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      I had a similar size crack on the deck of my Dom recently. Indeed, I've had two of them on the Dom. Both occurred from my knee.

      The first when unexpectedly having to pull out of a wave I was already paddling into when someone paddling out swung around inside me under the lip to take off, and the second when I stuffed up a duck dive and stuck my knee through the deck. The first time no water got in and, after letting it dry for a day or so, I just self repaired with a fibreglass patch sealed with epoxy resin. That spot is now basically under a tail pad.

      Second time I didn't notice the crack for some time and surfed for quite some time afterwards (maybe an hour). It took on quite a lot of water. I had it professionally repaired through a Firewire aligned surf shop. First thing they did was pulled back more of the crack to open it up more to dry it out. 2 weeks later I collected it from repair and you can barely tell where the ding was - it would normally be a one week turnaround but there was a lot of rain which interfered with the ding guy's operations in some way.

      I mention this so you know the ding is eminently repairable. If there's any doubt as to whether water is in there I'd have it professionally repaired. If you think you have all the water out then a self repair with some sanding, a fibreglass patch and epoxy resin (I just use the quick set stuff in a tube myself) will do the trick, particularly if you cover it with a deck pad. The only downside to the deck pad option is if it opens up and is exposed to water under the pad you won't see it. Both options aren't particularly likely.