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How do I strengthen a deck for kiting?

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  • How do I strengthen a deck for kiting?

    Hi guys,

    I am a strapless kiter, I have a kiteboarder version FireWire, but really fancy a non kiting version shape, the jackknife 5'8.

    I know the FST construction is the best surfboard construction, just want some ideas/advice on strengthening for kiting. Not after any guarantees and know I will be responsible for breaking it whenever that happens.

    I intend to stick a front foot pad on to help, but my questions are; 1 or2 layers of glass or should I use carbon? What type of glass and do I just do a patch where my front foot is or do I carry it all the way back and if so how much wil it effect the flex?

    Any and all help/suggestions welcome.

    Thanks mike

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    I think you want a layer of innegra cloth --> and


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      slowman pushing the innegra.

      but yeah there isn't a whole lot that can be done to an "already built" board outside of adding glass to the deck...