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Delaminating Deck FW Lost F1

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  • Delaminating Deck FW Lost F1

    Sent in the pictures on the Lost F1 thread:


    since 2 months i surf the Firewire Lost F1 5'11.
    Very nice board and it really flies!

    Since this morning i found out that de deck has delaminated. There is a patch(bubble) about the size of my hand, right under my front foot.
    It did not take any water i think, since there's no crease or hole. It does feel like there is a bit of pressure under it. I can't make a photo of it, cause you won't be able to see it.

    Serial nr: 52269-1

    Could this be a production fault?? I'm only 62kg, about 1.75 high, and didn't surf it in heavy conditions. We are travelling to sri-lanka next week for the next three months. after that a visit to friends in thailand, so i'm not able to visit a dealer / factory.

    What's the best thing to do? Cut it open and fill it up with resin??? Leave it this way?
    Hope you can advise me what to do.

    Thanks !

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    is there any repair center close by???.
    The best way to repair it will be cutting off the bubble and refill using the composite material and then the fiber glass. I would leave that to the authoryzed repair center since vaccum bag the area as well to solidify the bonding will be ideal.
    Anyways Chris will be jumping soon to give you a more precise advice