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rapidfire bamboo deck repair question

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  • rapidfire bamboo deck repair question

    Dinged my rf addvance on the tail rail where I think the nylon leash cord hit it hard when wiping out. Just a small crack right where the bamboo deck meets the rail. Made sure there was no water in it, sanded it, patched it up with solarez. Noticed that if I pressed hard on the deck near the repair it would cause some movement in the new resin patch. Took it out anyway as I wasn't going to miss a surf and it was water tight. Ended up cracking along the same line towards the end of the session.

    Now I have it home with some paper towel pushed up underneath the bamboo deck where the crack is to dry it out.

    Is the bamboo deck just layer on foam? Is there resin beneath it? I guess solarez is too stiff for the flex. Should I fill the area beneath the deck with some qcell filler? Should I put a bean sack or something to keep the deck pressed down? I will use normal epoxy resin and glass this time, just want to check if I should put some filler beneath the deck.

    Thanks in advance. Still loving this board its keeping me progressing every session!

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    you shouldn't need to fill under it maybe squeeze a little resin underneath right as you begin the repair. use a patch of fibreglass over the crack, just resin isn't very effective, especially on rail dings.
    I'd wet up the cloth patch and lay a little plastic film over it and then tape it down tight while it goes off. then sand it smooth then put a final hot coat of resin other the area and sand and polish it in it you want to make it invisible.


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      Ok great ill do that.


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        Agreed with prjwebb, the cloth is very important, give "flexibility" and strength to the repair


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          So, I looked into the crack looks like some foam got dug out when I was getting some paper towel in there to clear the water. No evidence of water was found on the paper towel and board has been layed to dry for well over a week. Sanded it out a bit, noticed some foam missing from beneath the deck, made a q-cell filler with epoxy resin and filled the missing chunk per product instructions. Next thing I know little air bubbles are being blown through the cureing epoxy/filler. I gave it up and let it cure with a little air hole that is still releasing gas it seems. Any idea on how to deal with this? The board doesnt feel any heavier and I dont think the cracks were ever down to the foam when in the water though I could be wrong. Board is currently in the garage with 70-85*F ambient temps and still releasing gas. Tips are appreciated, I don't like paying people to do this kind of stuff for me and I really enjoy learning to take care of my own supplies but I guess everyone starts somewhere. Thanks.


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            Make sure the board goes from warm to cool when carrying out the repair. If its warming up then its going to be expanding and gasing.