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Damagd rail on stealth

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  • Damagd rail on stealth

    Hi FireWire guys this is my first time on this forum so I'll start by saying I love your product and don't want to ride anything else! unfortunately I was surfing blacks beach yesterday and lost my footing after pulling into a barrel on a big set wave and dinged the rail of my stealthright on my hard head. If it was a standard PU board it would have been obliterated but my fst initially only looked like it had spider cracks on the rail. However when I sanded it down to fill the cracks with solarez I noticed that I could push the balsa wood rail in with my thumb about a quarter inch. I had a few questions that I know you guys can answer for me.
    1. So I can push in the rail with my finger and was wondering how thick the balsa parabolic stringer is because it feels pretty thin more like a veneer layer than a thick stringer. Perhaps I dented the whole rail inwards and am pushing in the outermost layer of it or just the glass. So how thick is the balsa wood parabolic stringer?
    2. I contacted ding king about a repair but they do not replace the wood along the rail is there a shop near San Diego that will fix it as close to exactly the way it was? I know you guys have the factory and I tried to call the following numbers 17608930782 6192660304 and 6197040808 but wasn't able to contact anyone and the two 619 numbers said they were no longer in service. No worries you guys are probably out enjoying this great swell just like me!
    No other surfboard company has a forum like this or even close to your level of customer service, so I know you guys will be nothing but extraordinary in your process of helping me resolve this small issue.
    Thank you for your consideration,

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    The Parabolic Balsa Rail features 12mm balsa built from 3 x 4mm strips, which as mentioned not only control flex and add strength, but also act as a buffer against rail dings.
    Is the wood cracked at any point???. I know those balsa rails are pretty resistant, I've seen them taking all kinds of abuse. One thing though, before attempting to close the wound, make sure it is completely dry, allow some drying time cause there is nothing worst than humidity trapped inside a board. Make sure to use EPOXY resin, this is very important because if polyester resin is used,if it gets in contact with the foam it will melt it, literally.
    Pics will be very helpful just to see the extent of the damage


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      Iggy thanks for the response. The wood does not look cracked but you can feel a dent in the foam that makes it seem like there was never a balsa rail there. Certainly not 12 mm thick. I am certainly not questioning the durability or construction of the board but I probably fractured a complete small segment of the rail and it is bashed into the foam. But as of now I can push on a three inch section of the rail and make it go from rounded to flat like folding a rolled up newspaper flat. I will be getting it professionally repaired but I was wondering if the FireWire factory in San Diego will repair it or wherever they refer San Diego people to because ding king does not replace the balsa rail. Which not only would possibly effect the flex of the board but it would make my beautiful fst board have a white spot on the rail. Again if this ding happened to a standard PU it would be a goner but I am just trying to find out what is wrong with the board now.


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        Pics? that will help quite a bit to see the extent of the damage. The balsa strings are definitely repairable, if you are in the SD area even better cause you could drop by at the factory there and for sure they will get you sorted out


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          I can't figure out how to post a pic to the forum off my iPad but I think I will drop by the factory this afternoon. Where is it exactly and what is the address/hours they are open? Thanks so much for the help Iggy! Lovin this forum!