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Crack below rail on FST Spitfire

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  • Crack below rail on FST Spitfire

    Hi All,

    Just doing some battle damage repair on the Spitfire and have got a crack just below the balsa rail. Was thinking of using UV Cured Fibre Filled Epoxy Resin to fill the crack and prevent water ingress then give a light sand afterwards to ensure I get it smooth.

    Any better tips or ideas?

    See photos for damage assessment


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    That's pretty minor so you'd probably get away with sanding the area and then giving it a luck of epoxy to seal it over. However to be 100% safe and to prevent things getting worse I always recommend a small patch of cloth there too.


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      Rule of thumb, if the crack can be felt by passing your finger nail over it it means that t will need some attention, otherwise a quick job will suffice.
      Little sanding to allow for the new epoxy to grab onto and then a little layer and re-sand to finish.
      Make sure to always use Epoxy resin


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        Yeah Drinky, I would sand into that a little bit and use a little cloth. standard small area ding repair procedure, or pay a repair guy to do it and for $30 i bet you get a perfect fix. Might even not see the cracking.

        if you do it yourself, you just want to sand into it a bit and try to saturate the "opened" up cracks a bit, give it a minute to settle in and then put your cloth over and allow to cure.

        either way it should be quick and easy.

        also as iggy said, epoxy...



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          I successfully have used PU resin on surface repairs, but never on EPS foam. If any foam is exposed do not use PU resin. PU is easier to work with but will not be the same color.


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            SolaOn a similar vein (rather than start a new thread) I am going on a trip next year and was wondering what the best dingfixing kit is for the firewires...was thinking of the solarez kit ...
            Any pros/cons....Although I can fix minor dings on conventional boards I am very reticent on the Firewires but this will be ideally to keep the board watertight until I get home.


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              not sure where my response went so posting again....going on a 2 week trip next year and looking at what is best for minor repairs just to keep the board from taking on water...when I return to civilisation I would take it to a pro to fix properly. so what is best for these boards? for cracks etc would this be o.k? for dings that need some volume fix inside what about
              Sorry, no experience yet (luckily) in fixing these type of boards.