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    The Wingnut Noserider embodies the best qualities of the original Wingnut Model and the Mark Martinson Model. The slightly pulled tail, in conjunction with softer rails, result in ultra-smooth turns and cutbacks to go along with improved control, stability, and nose riding. Single Fin with Tail Block Standard.
    The Noserider embodies the best qualities of the original Wingnut Model and the Mark Martinson Model.

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    Does anyone know the weight?


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      Trying to decide between a Special T and a Wingnut noserider. Is there much difference between the two other than the tail. Have not see either in person yet. Did Dan Mann also shape the wingnut? Just trying to gauge how much different they will ride. Any help appreciated.


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        Hi I'm am chiming in late but I have ridden both boards and I would go with the wing nut. It feels shorter than the biggest size 9-8.. IT performs great on small and larger overhead waves. Super lightweight but holds well on a fast wave. I would have to say the big diffences between these boards is the tighter tail and flatter top deck profile.. Oh and I did buy and own one. Next to my 9' flex-flight that was my good all rounder this board is my new favorite.


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          XCGRS thanks for the response I am going to go with the 9'4" wingnut I have an old flexflight 9'6 so can't wait to get this there is a shop at obx that has both in stock but great to hear from someone who has ridden both. Watched the video of the wingnut at Kelly's pool and like what I saw. I am not really a longboarder but on the east coast you gotta have one I have a spitfire, unibrow and recently got an almond butter. Needless to say I love firewires.


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            Hi Guys. My 10c.. Hope it helps.

            Iím having heaps of fun on my Wingnut Noserider.

            I'm 84kg's, 40 years old, a competent but not fantastic surfer. The local break is often a small slow and fairly fat wave that is dominated by longboarders and SUPs. It does peel nicely and have some long rides on the good days, itís just a tough wave to get a short board going well on. I'm on the 9'0" Wingnut and running a 9" Christenson tracker fin well forward in the box and am having heaps of fun and catching plenty of waves..

            I havenít ridden longboards for a longtime as I prefer to ride a potato when itís small but Iím not getting any younger and even the fit young guys are on big logs now so unfortunately if you want waves you need a log.

            When I had a look at the wingnut in the shop I really liked the simple blended shape, pulled in squash tail, thin sharp rails at the rear and fairly foiled nose but generous rails and volume in the middle 1/3 of the board seemed like it should give the best blend of features to create a good balance between modern performance orientated features and the simple free flowing glide and trim. I also really liked the subtle bottom contours of the wingnut, thereís no huge teardrop concave under the nose, no pronounced belly or single concave, none of the horrible looking 50/50 rails etc itís just all very subtle and blended like the shape which I really like. I think there is a touch of concave and vee going on around the tail but thatís a bout it.

            To help with the questions above I was also looking at the Special T and have heard fantastic feedback on that board. In comparison itís a touch lighter than the wingnut at the same size has more rocker a pinned tail, more of a parallel outline in the rear and a more even spread of volume with more concaves etc going on underneath. Iím sure this would be a great choice too. The shop owner where I buy most of my boards from said thatís his one and only longboard now he loves it so muchÖ

            Ok back to the WingnutÖ Even at 9í0Ē it catches even tiny waves really easily, itís smooth dropping in, glides through bottom turns and into trim with ease. Itís very forgiving and can be ridden out of position quite happily. Iím sure it would perform well off the tail were I more competent on a longboard but you can just stand up in the middle third and auto pilot through sections and even I can hang out 12inch or so back from the nose with no nose riding experience whatsoever. I think the board has thickness where you need it and not where you donít and the rocker is pretty low throughout so itís been a blast on the small clean waves that I got it for.

            On the minor downsidesÖ My mates all say with that tail it would hold on fine in a big wave but I would personally want more nose rocker if I were riding anything steeper and overhead. Also could just be me but I think itís a little sensitive to paddling position maybe due to the volume spreadÖ A tiny bit too far forward and your pearling the nose and a bit too far back and your missing the paddle speed but to be fair 8- 9 times out of 10 youíre in the right spot and itís itís a dream for paddling and catching waves so maybe just a time thing getting tuned in.

            All up though i'm super happy with my Wingnut Noserider.. Iím getting out on days I wouldnít usually and having a ball on the days that are marginal for a Potato. From the1/2 to 3ft clean peeling waves I have been riding the board in I would say thatís what itís absolutely ideal for thatÖ Small to medium peeling waves for glide fun and a bit of performance thrown in itís two thumbs up for the Wingnut from me.