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    Im Into a 5'7'' used .. Ive owned a 6'0'' Dominator and felt it fast and nice down the line...awesome playfull board !!! ..but slow and kinda gummy when hitting the lip ...she felt slow on the re entry from the lip when pushed vertical... My 2 cents... of what I feel... Probably really different from others.

    Now, Im 45.. 220lbs.. But experienced and advanced surfer with a nice variety of tricks and moves....and active in many sports.

    My dominator is 34.9lts.. and this Vanguard is 32lts...

    Im a really good paddler and in shape... So will this 32lts vanguard will give me more performance (off the lip ) Which is what Im looking for ( compared to the Dominator) Or will be pushing the limits of too little of flotation due to those 32lts ??

    Just thought since the VG is High performance I could get away with less volume ? Maybe giving away some paddling but adding more fun speed and looseness when coming out of the lip ..

    Sorry but English is not my Main Language..

    Any Input is highly Appreciated !

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    I have a VD and had an overvolumed vanguard. If the 34,9 L Dom feels good for you volume wise I'd say go for the 32 L as anything bigger will feel awfully overvolumed, especially if you want more (!) performance. If your after a new board You may also consider a Vader (or a 33 L Sci-fi) as it has more tail rocker easing the turning. But if your after a used 5'7 I'd say go. Even my 5'8 VD with 33,9 L is probably one size too big with the mph design, I am 43 / 195 pound / 6'4, very paddle fit, but only a good intermediate.


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      Perfect Advice Apache !!


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        I had the 5'6" VG- 28.8L and rode it with me at 200lb from 46-49 years old. (had it for about 3 years)
        Thought paddling it was fine, caught waves VERY easily, (felt like I was cheating) and was super High Performance.
        I don't have lot of HP waves near me, so it has recently been sold. If I move to live next to a point-break I would probably get another.
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          With all the new Tomo's and Slater designs, do mph riders still ride a VG?
          As it is the only one in FST would be my bet for trying a mph


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            yes they do, they are still relevant in clean waves, very fast, great fun boards, as are all the Tomo range. And FST is by far the best tech atm.


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              How does it go vert in the pocket?


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                I am the wrong person to ask, at 56 yrs my vert in the pocket days are well behind me:( but reading the old threads and watching many vids of Stu and Tomo it is a fully functional surfboard with a high performance capability.
                Although the outline is square the bottom curve allows it to fit into hollow waves, the Vader even more so. And you could add the nano, evo, sci fi, V4, omni to that list as well.


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                  But FST only the vanguard. I would prefer a round nose


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                    The nano was out in FST, too, and the V4. Not too many around these days.


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                      You can still get a FST Nano a special order through FW, downside it takes 100 days to make so something new could come out in that time. I got a new Nano recently at a shop that a guy special ordered but decided he didn't want it so I grabbed it very stoked with the board.


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                        HSO, thought about your question again, so here are some things beyond FST to consider:

                        1. outline : Pure MPH - modified MPH
                        what I found comparing my VG, VD and Sci-fi (as far as their different sizes allow such a comparison) is that the more parallel the rails are the faster it'll go. Tail / mid rails are counting more. The corner nose can get in the way pumping, or stiffen things up, or make for a more skatey feel. There is no clear advantage IMHO in having that much of a squared nose, a pointy beak or the nano torpedo nose may be more functional overall.
                        If you want to include the nose in active rail line you must go reaallly short. My Vader is still too big.

                        2. Rocker: less - more
                        From what I saw rocker levels go up
                        VG - Evo - VD - sci-fi ( -V4 - nano )
                        different mix though, VD has more tail rocker than sci-fi, sci-fi has more continuous nose rocker
                        Low rocker stiffens a board up, counterbalanced by shortness of rail. So a 5'5 VG might be looser than a 5'8 VD despite tail rocker. I found vanguard too stiff, but mine was too big. VD is still a bit stiff in smaller waves, but maybe still 1 size too big. Sci-fi is perfectly rockers, wouldn't change a thing. Nano looks really high rockered from video footage, nose bounces a bit up and down from "lead" back foot driving the shape requires, so probably better on curved waves, maybe a bit too much nose rocker otherwise

                        3. Width
                        Key for MPH magic, but a true problem, too, as we don't have custom orders. I found VG, VD rather too wide. If I could have chosen I wouldn't have gone shorter, just a bit narrower. Might slow down the mph, but I am tall but light and I missed rail to rail quickness a bit. Even my sci-fi wouldn't loose anything with 1/4 inch less width. I could surf 1 size down but it's short already, so going shorter to get narrower is a complicated choice. My dream sci-fi would be 6'0-6'1 / 19 3/4 / 2 5/8 ... not entirely sure for the Vader as its pure MPH.

                        Looking back I'd get my MPHs smaller, but my sci-fi is a better compromise than my Vader. I'll probably sell the Vader as they are quite similar and I don't expect any upside from a super small VD over my sci-fi.

                        I'd maybe add an Evo to the mix for it's smoothness, and the channel, but I'll go smaller if I do buy one.

                        The vanguard tail is cool, but in oder to fully use the boards potential go small, at least 5% smaller than your smallest volume ever. It'll be a stiffer ride though like a lower rockered low rail HP shortboard.


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                          Thanks for the reply.
                          Nano would be good if they were available. they should make the nano nose available in all tomo models.
                          I will try a second hand one


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                            Hey H.S.O, hopefully you find one 2nd hand, I like the Nano nose to same nose on the Hydronaut. I've owned Shi Phi and Evo I think the Nano is a very underrated board.
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