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Vanguard as a kitesurf board

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  • Vanguard as a kitesurf board

    So stoked! I bought a 5'0" Vanguard on the recommendations/reviews/intel gathered from this forum. I got it on Saturday and took it out kitesurfing on Sunday and Monday. I'm 145lbs or 66kg and find that the board is just about the right size if I'm powered. I'd go a bit bigger for more volume/float if your intention is to use it as a lightwind board. I rode it as a quad with TC Aqualine fins. 9m kite both days (though, way overpowered and should've been on a 7m on Monday).

    Stoke: OMG is the board fun! Crazy fast, ridiculously light, strapless airs are super easy, turns on a dime, and the board will fit in a kiting "golf" travel bag. Say goodbye to oversize fees or having to rent a sub-par board when I fly.

    Issues/concerns: Really worried about how durable the board will be. I've already put some good heel dents in it. I know... it's not reinforced for kitesurfing and it's not FST construction, but my TL2 Stretch F4 has held up nicely over the past two years.

    What next: Getting into some real waves (nothing but wind swell where I am). Riding it as a tri-fin.

    Thanks all for the info/reviews in this forum; was super helpful for sizing. Thanks Surfride for getting me the board and fins - they were packaged really nicely.

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    I used to kite on my old 5'8" Spitfire RF. Whether or not they are strong enough depends on you. Some guys are apes on boards while some guys can be powerful yet with finesse. Mine had a nice pressure where it should be, reminiscent of a PU board, but it held strong. I used to kite on PU boards in Hawaii and never had a problem either. But when the waves were 10-15ft I was usually hacking them apart on a twin tip and throwing massive spray. I miss those days.