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Vanguard Update From Mark Via Surfer Magazine Board/Stu Kennedy Info

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  • Vanguard Update From Mark Via Surfer Magazine Board/Stu Kennedy Info

    "Guys, here is the full run down. Firewire has partnered with Dan on a number of fronts, including building him a state of the art shaping bay at our San Diego headquarters.

    2013: FW/Tomo branded Vanguards and V-4's will be released globally and sold exclusively through existing FW retailers.

    2014 and beyond: Ongoing FW/Tomo boards as per 2013 with the addition of another 2-3 Tomo designs (Nano for sure) which will also be sold through Firewire dealers, but they will be in a flex tech unique to Tomo, and will not carry the Firewire logo.

    Customs: Tomo is free to continue building custom boards but he will not be shaping stock boards for any retailers. All Tomo stock boards at retail will be either the Firewire/Tomo boards or the Tomo-only models in 2014, all built by Firewire.

    I think you’ve got to see it from Dan’s perspective. With his popularity he had a simple choice. Remain focused on pushing the envelop with surfboard design, and enjoying the freedom to travel etc. without the headaches of running an ever-expanding business as his designs take hold. Or start putting the entire infrastructure in place to set up his own company with all of the headaches involved, and thereafter all of the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business. Sure he could have found a partner to help, but he would still have had to carry a load way beyond just board design, never mind raising capital etc.

    As a strong believer in Firewire’s tech already and with our own factory capabilities, as well as collaborating with Dan to create unique flex ‘recipes’ for his 2014 Tomo-only branded boards, this approach makes sense for him.

    I’m sure there are many shapers who would have made the same decision, or a very similar one, if faced with these options.

    What would you do in the same situation?"

    FWIW Stu Kennedy is 5'10 and weighs 140 lbs or 64kg and commonly rides a 5'2 & 5'3 17.5 2.25 Vader/DeathStar (XTR). I owned one of his Prototype DeathStar (personally purchased from Dan) boards which measured 5'3 17.5 2.25 (XTR) and a friend of mine currently owns one (personally purchased from Dan) @ 5'1 17 1/8 2 1/8 DeathStar (XTR) . The 5'4" version would be too bouyant for someone at 140 lbs for sure in which 5'1 & 5'2 are ideal.

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    So does this mean that there will not be a vanguard in fst?


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      Endoe, probably not if it's selling like hotcakes and people continue to rave about it! haha.



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        I understand that hawaii_boi haha I have one of the ones in white rapidfire but I love my fst boards so I would definitely buy one in fst when they come out. I was hoping that someone with the inside scoop would possibly drop a date for fst or somewhere close to when it will come out or confirm if it is happening or not. Maybe Chris knows?


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          Endoe, I'm still praying for the Baked Potato FST! haha! However, after seeing the TimberTek boards in person and how they are super light and less susceptible to pressure dings I'm open to it now and not as crazy about FST anymore, BUT my preference is still FST haha.

          From what I heard recently, we'll have to wait till next year for the latest models to be made in FST, BUT it may change if Timber takes off. Only problem right now IMO is how FW currently cannot meet the huge demand for TimberTek boards and the latest models (e.g. Vanguard, Unibrow, etc.), which may be delaying decisions at FW HQ...

          side note: Bamboo RF will slowly be discontinued...

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            Hawaii, I'm on the same boat as you as far as preferring fst! I thought I momentarily saw that you could custom order a baked potato in fst but it is not up anymore. What a tease for you guys who ride them! I have been thinking about one but I have a 5'10" dominator that floats me too much at 170lbs that serves a similar purpose. I even had my local ding repair guy put in a longboard center fin box so I can ride it as a single fin because I mostly ride it as a quad anyways. For those of us that are still crazy about the fst maybe we could put a layer of 4oz on the deck of the timber tek to make it a tad more durable and still weigh maybe as much or a bit less than the fst. I can't imagine that being problematic because the timber tek is already water tight and the deck and bottom are not completely smooth so I feel like the resin and glass would adhere. Ideally I think a board with the timber tek paulownia deck and rails and the white fst bottom skin all sandwiched together would be the best board ever in terms of weight, durability, flex, and not to mention looks. I'm hoping someone from firewire reads this and makes my dreams come true haha.


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              Any idea on what the tomo flex recipes will be like?


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                Endoe, that would be interesting. We'll just have to wait and see how the Timbers pan out.