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  • Vanguard or Unibrow

    Hey all,

    Trying to lock down a choice on my new board. It needs to be an all round board that will do me in anything up to say head and a half high waves. Most common waves I'd be riding will likely be waist to head high beach breaks (Sydney Northern beaches, coming into decent winter swells). It will be my only board and I want something that will be quick off the mark. My skill level is probably on the lower end of intermediate.

    The unibrow is looking like the obvious choice as its a more conventional board and in FST will tick the durability box which is a pretty high priority, but the Vanguard is also looking like a pretty exciting model. Should I even bother considering it though given my skill level and that its only available in rapidfire?

    Interested in everyone's opinions, even if its suggesting some completely different model.


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    I think this just answered my question


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      i luv my VG, but yea, no FST sux. its pretty easy to ride, but i dont see mine lasting thru summer. then i'll wait for the FST or the V4.


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        whats v4?


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          the next TOMO


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            Hey walkingdisater for your skill level and the type of waves you ride I would encourage you to check out the Spitfire. It's available in TimberTek. Have you seen how beautiful TimberTech is?

            Check out Shane Dorian's TimberTech:

            Ultra lightweight, beautiful, durable, very user friendly design that rips--see chuy on the homepage (spitfire). What's not to like? Of course you can get it in FST as well.