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@ PRJ - PErformance of Vanguard in UK waves

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  • @ PRJ - PErformance of Vanguard in UK waves

    Anyone can feel free to offer up there opinion on the pros and cons of the vanguard but was hoping PRJ and any other uk based guys could offer some feed back as to its suitability for uk waves

    From what I have seen it looks like the vg could pretty much become your hp board for those lined up punchy days

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    well it's basically all i've surfed since i got my hands on it. still figuring it out though, i've had some moments where it felt insane but still having a lot of waves where i feel off and it's not quite doing what i want it to. i'm really craving a day of consistent lined up waves without the howling wind. i thought i had it last night but after two waves the tide got too high and it was backwash central.

    as far as suitability, i reckon it's a great daily driver if you click with the design. it paddles well and catches waves easy. it's stable to ride and very fast. the parallel outline allows you to hold your rail through a turn or really draw out your bottom turn if you need to, but due to the shorter length you can also tighten up your lines by changing your weight distribution.

    the only negative is it takes a different approach and takes some adjustment, plus everyone looks at you and asks questions and you feel very self conscious haha.


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      Do you think you could have gone smaller than a 5'6


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        Probably, but it would have been effort rather than ease of use. I'll probably order a CBD version in the future if I'm still really loving it. 5'4 x 18.38" x 2.38" ish.


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          Thanks for the feedback PRJ.

          How do you compare it to your spit in terms of float, I have a 5'6" spit which is spot on and was thinking of going 5'6" in VG to keep volume comparable.

          I might even give down the line a ring tomorrow and see if they have a demo available.

          They look super interesting and the guys riding them (although pros) look to be flying with no draw backs.

          As for other people, isn't surfing all about having fun and if changing it up keeps things interesting or works enter for you then run win it I reckon. I gave up on keeping a standard short board in my quiver a long time ago and don't regret it for a minute.


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            My Spitfire was 5'8 and paddled better, but for a 18.5" wide board the VG paddles great.
            DTL have a 506 demo I believe.