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NEW 5'4" Vanguard YouTube Video

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  • NEW 5'4" Vanguard YouTube Video

    I'm frothin' Iggy!

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    Yessssssssir, pretty complete recap of all the goodness packed


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      Thanks for the video, I think these guys pretty much summarized the board


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        Iggy I have NEVER seen one in person EVER so I'm trying to imagine how every square inch of the board looks and feels and this video helps me BIG time because I'm stuck in the middle of the two model sizes (5'2/5'4). In the beginning I just laughed off the 5'4 version because it didn't seem practical but the more I dive into it the more I'm thinking it might be the gem I'm looking for....... ALWAYS thought my 5'2 was just TOO short and thinking an inch OR two may give me that shortboard feel. Then we have the 18" width which is only 1/2" than the norm for me and having ridden one @ 18.5 did not deter me in any way, shape or form with performance. Then we have the all importance 2 1/4" which is SPOT ON for my weight and all I can say I'm jumping up and down just thinking of the magic chemistry of her components! In fact I can throw some bigger fins and use her as a "step up" for sure!
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          I know they should use that video as a promotional,pretty spot on in every way.
          I'm on the same boat pretty much. I was commenting onbthe "lineup" that I have no memor of the las board I rode which was uner 19" wide. Again I heard Chris an he was spot on!!. I was hesitating between the 5'8" and the 5'6" due to volume and width, but now I reckon the 5'8" would have felt too big of a board. Still adjusting to the 2" width miss when it comes to pop up but besides that minor detsil the board is a dream. I'm runningbit as a thruster with a set of Jordys L and for my 87kgs frame plus 6/4 wetsuit it goes like a charm. I know people wad talking about paddling the board,but so far I find the board responding pretty ok on this department