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  • thruster vs quad

    Howzit People,

    Without the downtime due to 3 repairs, I've been mainly using the VG in all my surfing which is at least once a day for 7 days if the waves allow it over the past 6-7 weeks. I've used SA4 quads, SA4 quads w/ Knubster, CM2 thruster, Pancho thruster, and KR JP quads.


    SA4 Quads: I used this set up the most. I noticed that when the waves were knee high to overhead, they were really responsive and loose, but still stable. if the waves got from overhead to double overhead, i would put the knubster in to reduce the squirlly feel due to width of tail and steep drops. W/o the knubster, i would be bracing myself for some really sketchy drops.

    CM2: These skegs worked in all surf. I used them from knee to over double overhead and they performed each time. Granted now, there were many waves and surf that the VG was not built for, but it is pretty awesome when everyone is on 8' guns and tankers and you're the dummy on a 5'10 wake board taking the same drops. Needless to say, I didnt make all the drops, but I sure learned how to take a fall.

    Panchos: I busted these out when the surf got to 6'+ Hayn. I love these fins, but not for the VG. The board isn't big enough to handle monster fins like these. I had good surf w/ them, but I would've had better w the CM2's or SA4. They seem to sluggish on the cutbacks, but if you want super stability, these fins will work for you.

    KR JP Quads: My friend from STABL hooked me up w a brand new set to demo this past fri. I took them out sat in 3'-4' surf with some good pump. I like these a lot. Once I caught my first wave and went from bottom turn to vertical, it was all over. I'm not sure on dims, but I think they have less rake than any of the fins above, but are comparable in area w/ all of them. I felt like I could do cutties, floaters, and vertical snaps at any time.

    All in all, the board seems to really work well no matter what fins I used. I never really noticed if the quads were faster than the thruster or if either were looser than the other. The one thing I know for sure is that if the surf is bigger than 5'-6', I want the thrusters and anything smaller I want the quads. I'm sure you guys all know this already though. I haven't had enough surf on the JP's yet, but I will fix that this week. Hopefully I will sample the Bruce quads too this week. I hope this helped.

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    great feedback fokai....


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      I'm surfing the VG 5'6", I'm 5'11" and 88kg, and I've been finding the thruster FCS K2.1 fronts and PC3 in the tail are working great. I tried PC3 all around at first, and althought it was good for head height and below it would get a little slippery over head height and during some harder jamming rail turns at speed.

      The small increase in fin area from PC3 to K2.1 really made a good difference and I can't imagine it being much better for my preferences.

      I still haven't tried a quad set-up yet, but I can imagine PC3 or TC Aqualine fronts and G1000 or MR-TX rears might work well for me. I tend to surf much smaller fins in general when I setup a board as a quad, so thats just my preference.


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        Great feedback Fokai on the fin set-ups and their performance in the different conditions...Funny stuff with the wakeboard reference regarding the CM2 fins!


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          yea the CM2's work great tho. after yesterday at 4' Makaha w the JP's which were pretty good, i think i like the CM2's for punchier and bigger surf. i'll bust em out for country today. spose to hook up w some people for V-Land or the beachpark. hit me up if ur available.


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            Thanks Fokai...I'm workin' on this Kuhio Day ("makin' mony" to afford my new boards). If you do surf your VG at V-land (or any N.Shore spot for that matter), keep us posted on your results. Shoots!


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              Much mahalo Fokai for feedback on different fins.

              I would be interested to know how the Deviant fin works with the vanguard, anyone happen to know?