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Quad or Tri fin setup in Vanguard?

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  • Quad or Tri fin setup in Vanguard?

    getting the stoked! not sure what fin set up to use. i live in palm beach, florida. quads in my Dominator and its great

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    The guys in the US say thruster all day, the Aus crew seem to prefer the quad set.
    You'll have to try both!


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      I reckon the quad will go incredibly fast...can't wait to pick up mine!!!!! Damn Nemo, you screw me over!!


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        poor little Iggy.

        But yeah i prefer the thruster, but you have to experiment because you never know what you're going to figure out...


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          I'm 5'9 170 lbs and have the 5'6" VANGUARD.

          I have ridden it twice in chest to shoulder high waves at a point break type wave. Hands down the fastest board I have ever had.

          I have been riding it with a set of Stretch Quad fins on it. It s crazy how fast the thing goes and it will get on rail and turn really tight in the pocket.

          It took about 3-4 waves to figure things out but then I was able to make it go wherever I wanted. Surfing this board is a real free feeling and did I say FAST???

          I highly recommend... I was torn between the 5'4 and the 5'6". My normal volume is 26-28 ish for a board with some hi performance characteristics. I am glad I settled on the 5'6 at 28.8 L... I thin the 5'4" at 25.9 would have been tough paddle in unless I was in the perfect spot. (but then I think...I bet i could really crank some turns on the 5'4" haha)

          Get one, ride one, have some more fun people


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            i totally agree w sambone. stick w ur reg volume, so u can paddle thru the line up. i went thruster yesterday and it was good, but i will go quads today.


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              Hey fokaiHI

              I see that you got yourself the VG in a 5'10. Are you happy with the size? It doesn't feel too big and surf to long?

              I just got my 5'10 yesterday and cant wait to test out.


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                yea. I'm definitely happy w/ it. i picked up some SA quads for today and country is holding steady at 5'+. today will b the real test. i'm use to bigger sized boards, so the 5'10 is perfect. i will bring my SF just in case it gets bigger, but i think the VG will hold up fine anything up to 3'-4' overhead.


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                  I used a quad setup with a nubster when I demo'd mine and really liked it. Then again, I always seem to prefer quad setups with nubsters these days haha. Spent 18 years riding thrusters, and for some reason my surfing started progressing much more rapidly once I switched to quad setups.

                  The waves weren't big or anything, but the board did feel nice and locked in to the wave while still being loose and playful. Basically, it felt great. I'm going to demo the Vanguard again this weekend in (hopefully) better waves, and I'm going to keep it as a quad.

                  Is it just me, or are the quad rears placed really far forward in the Vanguard?


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                    my bottom turn w VG/ SA quads at 2ft Ehukai sandbar. was small, but fun


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                      You got some smooth style going there. Nice photo.


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                          eyeing that lip up there fokaiHI .. yeeeeeew


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                            sick one. yeah there is mixed use here in the states, quad vs. thruster, but i will say the board is SO FAST so if you like the feel of a thruster, ride it that way, because you don't need the speed of a quad to fly. If however, you like quads in general, you have to try it that way.



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                              I just recently got myself the 5'6" VG, I'm 5'11" and 88kg. Amazing fun, I'm loving this little package of the turning of a HPS but so much extra speed to use at all times.

                              I've been favoring the thruster setup, as Chris said its a very fast package before even taking fins into account.

                              My opinion on quads vs thruster would be: If you want to surf tight to the pocket more, I'd suggest thruster due to the on-the-point pivot it can achieve. I've been running FCS PC3's and they're just a tad too small, so I'll probably find perfection in K2.1 fronts and PC3 middle for overhead waves.

                              Quad will be blindingly fast, but I think with so much concave and no vee out the tail it'll feel like it needs to be tipped over quite far before it turns first. Again, with the right fins I'm sure it could still surf tight to the pocket, but the turns will need to be preempted a little more and quick corrections might be a little slower/harder. My own estimate for fins as a quad would be PC3 or TC-Aqualine fronts and either MR-TX or G1000 rears.