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Couple of questions

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  • Couple of questions

    Evening all,

    These boards look amazing, but also a bit radical so I reckon its got to be try before you buy.

    1. When will UK shops get demo boards?

    2. Currently I surf a 6 foot fst Spitfire - which is amazing, but is probably a bit too much board for me now. What size Vanguard does anyone think I should be riding? I am about 6foot and weigh about 13 and a half stone. I mostly surf in North Devon so decent quality beachbreaks, but a fair bit of grovelling.



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    Hey NDevon

    It depends on what the shops actually order. Its their duty to bring the demoes in and I am not entirely sure what is on the books for a lot of the UK dealers, but I know there are some headed there. best bet is to give the shops near by a call to see what they have planned.

    FYI to other readers, 13.5 stones = 189 lbs = 85.5 kg

    Yeah for a competent surfer would probably be on a 508 or 510 depending on preference, waves, wetsuits needed, age etc. For the Tomo I think you would be in the 508 range, maybe 510...



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      whats that got to do with the price of rice in china?


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        Hi NDevon Boy.

        I work at Shore2Surf in Woolacombe, we currently have a 5'6" Vanguard in demo and may be getting a 5'10" in soon.

        I took the 5'6" out the other day and loved it. I surfed head-high combesgate and found it would get me round sections that I wouldn't normally make, it's just so quick! I then surfed it on a blown out day at Putsborough and still had fun.

        If you want more info on any of the firewire boards email us directly on mailorder at shore2surf co uk as we stock loads of other styles and sizes as well. Or just pop in for a chat if you are local.



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            Hello Shore2surf

            I popped in the other day and had a long chat with Rich - he said that you had taken out the Vgard and were raving about it. Would love to come over and give it go, but dont have the money to purchase at the moment as I bought a Sub Scorcher from Rich. Hopefully will get out on it today - surf is looking good.



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              thanks Shore2Surf!!