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    The Vanguard: Modern Planing Hull (MPH)
    The Modern Planing Hull represents a radical change in the approach to high performance surfboard design and the Vanguard model is the result of precise mathematical formulas and geometry. The hydrodynamic architecture of the Vanguard opens the door to a fresh approach to surfboard design and the art of riding waves. Inspired by the incredible feats of athleticism exhibited by today’s top professional surfers, Tomo (Daniel Thomson) has created a design that further helps 21st century surfers expand their abilities. Higher degrees of speed, electric wave attack and radical aerial potential are all possible with this highly tuned machine.

    Template: The outline of the Vanguard is the foundation and driving force of this highly innovative surfboard. Ultra parallel lines allow the design to be ridden smaller and narrower than previously considered functional. This is achieved by maintaining ideal rider volume with balanced foam distribution. The parallel outline reduces drag, thus increasing dynamic planing lift yielding more speed via less water resistance.

    Nose Profile: The unique diamond nose profile significantly reduces swing weight while still providing a central control point. Further, the diamond nose is blunt and safe. The rider is encouraged to push the limits of personal performance and have fun. The nose area features a complex contour to reduce the rate of pearling by creating controlled aerodynamic lift. As the rider gains speed he/she will notice the nose contour channeling wind resistance, which in turn, lifts the nose upward. This feature is also very beneficial to a surfer with a developed aerial repertoire. When engaged in on-wave maneuvers, the instant the nose engages the water, the nose contour helps ‘pop’ the nose out of a pearl. This adds a tremendous element of control when riding backward out of radical maneuver.

    Tail Profile: The unique twin diamond tail profile provides excellent directional control and very low drag. The technical bottom contour, which utilizes a channel/concave combo, helps to maximize speed and control through sharp directional changes.
    The Ride: The rider will experience exceptional freedom and planing speed right form the get go. The very short nature of the design allows the rider to completely dominate the board. The straightened rail line will allow for effortless and precise turns and direct transitions.
    Although geared for high performances shredding, the Vanguard is surprisingly easy to ride for a wide range of surfing abilities. It has a very stable nature, naturally fast with and a very efficient wave catching ability.

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    Can't wait!!!


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      Hi Chris,

      I surfed yesterday in New Symrna, FL and my buddy whom I went with said he saw a guy with a Vanguard. I didn't know those were out yet, did you guys have a demo or something that a pro was using? I wish I could have talked to the guy about it or maybe even traded boards for a bit as I had my Hellrazor. The waves were really good but super crowded.

      On another note: I just received a copy of the latest Transworld Surf and it had an advertisement for your boards two of which were listed incorrectly as it had the Michel Bourez Pro model listed as your Spitfire and the Spitfire vice a versa just an FYI, I'm sure your marketing guys were already aware of this. Any info on the Unibrow? What kind of waves is this for? Inquiring minds want to know!!


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        Maybe it was one of Tomo's own brand PU versions?


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          I'v definelty seen a board of this shape in Hossegor in August, didn't know what it was at the time but I'm assuming now it was a pu vanguard. Pretty distinctive shape


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            Yeah that was a guy from Devon UK.


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              Originally posted by prjwebb View Post
              Yeah that was a guy from Devon UK.
              small world hey prj!

              So did he bring it back from australia or something? heard any feedback on how it rides?

              i didnt pay too much attention to it the day I saw it, it only really stood out cause the waves were quite big and there was only about 5 or 10 takers (pretty much 50 - 100 on most other days)

              my tomo/cc/unibrow choice is leaning towards the brow now, especially seeing as I can choose from a 5'8 or 5'9! dims are looking very appealing, this might be the board iv been waiting for


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                He had 3 customs sent over from the US from Tomo. 1 Vanguard maybe a Nano and a V4. Not sure exactly.


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                  Heath Joske's take on the VG from the Board Bible.


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                    just watched, sooooo psyched to get this board!!! hopefully soon!!


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                      Thanks man! That's what I thought too about it being an original but my buddy said it had the FW logo. He certainly could have been mistaken on this. After looking at the pictures and description it looks like a thicker mini driver. I'm looking at the Vanguard as a small wave annihilator. I'm still very confused on what to get though. Chris says 5'04" but our waves are typically gutless and the 5'06" is virtually the same volume as my Hellrazor which would most likely not work for most of the waves that come through FL. If it gets good I'll be riding that as I'm a lot like Chris in that when it's good I want to be on what makes me the most comfortable. What's your thoughts gang?


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                        The guy you refer to is Jimo. His board is 5'2" I think. I talked to him about the Vanguard ( he's not a Firewire fan). He said they should be ridden , the floor to height under your chin, so mine would be a 5'4 - 1" of the thickness of your thruster- same thickness of your go to board.
                        You need to get them short due to the parallel rail line, which in turn will give great turning ability. Buy long twice.


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                          5'1" I think. Yeah that's the sizing guide I'd heard also, which would put me on a 5'4.5" x 18" x 2.38". The stock 5'4" would be too low volume for me due to the 2.25" thickness so fingers crossed the 5'6" goes well.


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                            guys buying boards at a certain "height" isn't really the right way to look at getting a board. Buying in such a manner means that you are going to distort other dimensions in order to fit the proper volume into a fixed length. Its part of the equation, but in my opinion, its only a small part. Too many things come into consideration to say buy this board at your chin, buy that board at the bridge of your nose and that last one 3/4" of an inch below the roundest part of your skull. Doing so doesn't reflect other variables such as age, ability, weight, physical health, wave conditions, geography, etc. working within a volume range is a far better plan than following a "rule of thumb."



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                              Hey Chris,

                              Would you be able to provide me with the nose dims on the 5'4" and 5'6"? Reason i ask is that ive Been waffling between getting the 5'4" and 5'6" (as is everyone). Thinking that this will give me a bit more perspective. My thought is the 5'6" will be a bit more reasonable for me given surfing on the ec, but the volume is probably a bit high...I think something around 27 ltrs would be my higher end.

                              i'm 5'10" 165-70lbs. And intermediate-above average surfer living on ec in jersey. For most of last year i was riding a 5'8" that was 25.15ltr.--another brands parabolic type board. Loved the board...but it was a tad under volumes for me--could of probably gone with another liter. For winter bumped up to the same board in a 5'10" at 27.68ltrs. Board feels huge...a bit sluggish comparatively. Wanting to try something a bit different and give FW a whirl..stoked on the tomos btw.

                              I appreciate any feedback you can offer.