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  • V4 help please

    I really need some info on the V4. I have a 5'8 Potatonator 33.9L TT which I use on smaller days and sometimes bigger days too but anything over 5ft I usually am on my 6'2 Mini driver 33.9L FST. I really love both boards and have gotten some good waves on both. I am 6'2 78 kg and surf mostly in boardshorts or a 2mm springsuit here. I think I am intermediate but I guess that is up to opinion and I still have somedays I struggle if I am burnt out from work or hungover. I surf both mushy and hollow breaks. My mini driver is starting to get a little worn out as I bought it 2nd hand but it still goes great but is pretty dinged and dented up from a lot of use (no complaints!). I have a chance to pick up a 6'0 V4 FST 31.5 litres that is a year old but never used. My question is mostly about size and paddle power. I am confident it will float me ok but how would it compare in paddling to the Mini Driver? Is the 6'0 a good size for me in better waves or should I wait for a 6'2? I have read the Tomos should be a little undersized but maybe not the V4? Would the V4 be considered more difficult to surf than the Mini driver? For someone who is probably a little lower end intermediate would I be better off with a 6'0 V4 or a 6'1 hashtag for better waves?
    Thanks in advance for any imput

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    I ride a 5'8 V4 (25.8L), but I'm just 5'10 and vary between 70 and 72kg ... I love the board once waves get 3ft+ but when there's a lot of water moving around paddling can be a struggle unless I wear some webbed gloves ;)

    I think I'd probably be more comfortable on a 5'10 V4 (I'm 44 next month, so energy levels probably aren't quite where they used to be ;) ) but I haven't been able to try one in that size...

    After having a few Tomo's - Nano, Evo, 2x V4s and 3x Vanguards... I found the V4 isn't one you really want to go undersize on...

    My 5'4 VG (25.9L) goes great for me, but even though the 5'8 V4 is nearly identical in volume, the V4 feels MUCH smaller... but a 6'0 was a touch too much volume for me, so you don't want to go too much either.

    The 5'6 VG was too floaty for me in decent waves at 28.8L, but strangely, I think the 5'10 V4 would be perfect even though it's the same volume... Clearly volume isn't everything, and there's some unused volume in the V4 compared to other Tomo's (nose and tail etc), so I'd say go with your normal volume rather than under.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful, as I haven't tried an MD or PN... but if you feel you might need a bit more paddle power it's probably safer to go 6'2, but the 6'0 may feel better once on a wave with slightly more performance.
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      Hi MD, never ridden a V4 but I have some tomos and a # (and I would have bought a MB alternatively if anyone would have had one in the right size once I bought the board - rather similar shapes). I think they are different shapes. The MD is an all rounder with a smoothed outline. The V4 is shaped way more "directional", straight tail lines, swallow on a kinda chopped off tail... I'd use it for a steep punchy wave in good conditions, not for everyday conditions. Plus the shape has no built in volume, so I'd use my normal volume, unlike with a Vader or Evo. You better look at a more all round shape at the same (or 1 L less) volume, like the #, amigo, Pyzalien or even a Slab etc... The v4 will only serve as a step up IMHO. Cheers!


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        Thanks for the info ifx and Apache you make a great point as I am not just looking for a step up as I surf a variety of waves. There is a Chilli Spawn for sale 34 litres in XF epoxy. anyone have any experience with surf agency surfboards compared to firewire?


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          There is a good Review in compare Surfboards of the Spawn, reckon its a good board, PU 34 L will be no problem either.


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            Yeah, you're right apache, the V4 is no daily driver.

            I did use mine as one for a while, but it was only out of desperation because I had no other option at the time... though those few weeks are probably what made me really love that board... but even so, ideally, I only take the V4 out when the conditions are right for it ;)
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