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6'2" to much float?

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    I'm right about the same weight.. 194 - 200 depending how many IPA's I'm drinking.
    ​Surfed it again today with the SA-4's as a quad. I made a point to think about using my back foot to push when I drive and I think it helped.

    Head high beach break and the board came more alive. drive down the line isn't as smooth as with the potato, but I was able to generate a bunch of speed and I'm surfing way more vertical than with the Baked. Not sure if its the pointed nose or the float, but this board loves coming off the bottom at the last second and going vertical cutting through a crashing closeout. I made it through a few sections this way today that normally would have been the end game.

    I think a 6'0" would have been a better fit for smaller days, but I'm glad to have a board I can surf everyday that can handle steep reefs and double overhead with ease.

    I'll look into those Blackstix. How do you feel the drive suffers as a thruster compared to a quad?

    ​Don't know why I didn't think of it until now... but I'm going to try the V4 with the Elevens quad setup.... might make this board even faster.
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      Hi A.Vern, I ride a 5'8 V4, got it for when it gets bigger and love it. Great if you got a big face to work with or when its breaking fast. It's insane how well it can foam climb. I surf it with nexus mediums as a thruster, super fluent and predictable good when its steep, tried scarfini sx1 small but felt wrong. I think it needs a M/L fin to work well. As a quad I've got shapers dvs quad keels. The speed is next level, awesome for big face turns when's it's not too steep.


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        Ioza, how tall are you and how much do you weigh? It paddles well at 6'2" but I'm wondering if I'd be better off with less volume,


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          I'm 5'4 and about 144 plus hooded 5/3 wetsuit and boots. I think the 5'6 would be better for performance but like the extra float. got a evo 5'0. 23lts 5'8 v4 25.8lts


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            Hi Vern, dont have a v4 but I personally believe your volume for the 6'2 at 34 L is spot on and more so than the 6'0. I am 195 lb (or less), I would get the same size, and especially for OH+ 1 L more cannot hurt. Maybe try more upright fins with less width and more depth, like a clay marzo, FW, am2 otl. I don't think your stretch S4s are made for big waves / high speed and they should feel a tad stiffer in OH+. My Vader wants the back foot to sit way back for tighter turns..... Looking forward to more reports :)


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              Originally posted by Goanna2 View Post
              at 200 lbsI find the Rusty Blackstix thruster set great
              I love the Rustys in FCS and the futures look similar. I used the FCS Rusty R2 quad set with the Shapers Darc drive 5th fin (see photo). I have a 6' V4 this photo is of the white rapidfire one I used to have, I've since updated to one in FST same size (because of that crease in the photo!) and use the same fin set up. I'm also in the same weight range (90kg/200lb) and find this board will work for me in 2-8' waves though they need a bit of power.

              I sometimes wonder if 6'2 might have helped for those longer period swells where you need to get in early (like my 6'5 HZ will) but from what I've read it doesn't seem to help that much but on the other hand there seems no penalty in performance for the extra volume (3.3L in fact). Sometimes you need length on bigger waves, it helps get in early and the extra rail length helps set a good line early. I just don't know if 2" more is enough, I know 5" is (I should have tried your 6'2 Goanna I'm forever wondering :D). This is my big wave board if you don't need an early entry. It will handle the drop no worries but a steep drop forces you down to the bottom of the wave and some waves that peel quick from the start you can't afford to drop in late you'll be left behind.