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V4 sizing compared to Vanguard.

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  • V4 sizing compared to Vanguard.

    I currently have a 5'4 Vanguard and am wanting to add the V4 to my quiver, but can't seem to find any to demo. For those who own both, are your volumes about the the same? I weight 143-147 dry.


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    I haven't ridden either, but I think this is a good question. They always say to volume Tomo's differently due to the different shapes with cut off noses etc, where a normal board holds a few unused liters in the nose a Tomo doesn't. However, the V4 HAS a pointed nose, so would in my opinion have unused liters just like a regular board. To me, it would indicate it requires a liter or 2 more than a normal Tomo.

    Hopefully someone with both can chime in with more knowledge than myself.


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      Spot on Justo, my 6'6 V4 at 42.6lts paddles only marginally better than the 5'11 Vanguard at 39lts i was riding. For me though i prefer having the nose in front of me when paddling in to a bigger wave that suits the V4. Others ride the vader and vanguard in the same sort of waves, but if its a steep, critical drop with consequences, i feel much better with the nose. The other V boards paddle well into waves though because they have so much natural speed and lift, as does the Evo.


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        Just to throw a spanner in those works: I had a 5'8 VG (32.2L) and a 6'0 V4 (31.5L) which I reckoned paddled better than the VG. I still have the V4 and now a board similar to a Vader at 5'8.

        I would have said ride the V4 about 4" longer than the VG but whatever works for you.