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V4 for hollow fast conditions?

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  • V4 for hollow fast conditions?

    I've owned a few Tomos now and I love them, but I'm finding that they are lacking in hollow fast conditions (over head low tide sand bars). I find it hard to get the nose to cut down the face of the wave when I'm paddling in and the wave is drop out below sea level. How does the V4 work in these conditions? I don't see or hear too many people riding them these days. I'm also wondering if the consensus has become unfavorable?

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    They are good in these conditions! The trick of course is getting into the wave as early as you can. If you can get it into the wave it will do the rest.


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      I find the V4 is the best board i have ever owned for dropping sideways down a steep face. I rode mine again last Tuesday in well overhead, 8ft+ face waves at low tide and although the paddle in was not too bad the bottom dropped out half way down and with both arms above my head the V4 felt positive and in control, having that thinnish nose with quite a bit of rocker gives me confidence, where the VG requires a bit more skill and concentration to keep the nose out. Flying to Indo in 6hrs time, i will tell you how it went in 2 weeks.


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        Doesn't sound like the volcano is going to let you go to Bali...hope you're headed elsewhere over there.

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      v4 has been the best step up board i've ever had for bigger, steeper surf. (can't believe i'm calling a 5'8 a step up!) It's sits high on the wave face when it;s steep and doesn't skip out when most boards that size would.

      I'm surprised that more people don't ride them. Don't think they had as much marketing hype as the rest or good rider footage. Out of all the tomos, (and although you can surf all the models in bigger stuff), the v4 is the only one i have 100% faith in when it gets big or a bit more serious.


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        That's great info everybody. Thanks. How is the V4's ability to actually paddle into the wave? Early or late catcher?


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          Probably more on the late side but still a fairly good paddle in until the waves start to pitch very quickly. A lot of boards will have trouble then anyway. Though you could possibly upsize one size to help overcome that. Goanna could have gone a 6'0 but upsized to a 6'2 and didn't seem to have any complaints about its performance. You could PM him, I know he took his V4 to Sumatra. Though I don't know how much he rode it as he took his Vader too.

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        I had the same problem. I got Shapers Stfx twin fins put them in problem solved. Just put in any rear fins you need. I got these fins at half price new $45 Aussie. They work for me in big and small waves on the v4. Found smaller fins on the v4 useless and bouncy. These fins come in twin tab and futures base. They have Jimi Hendrix on the fins. Coooool.hip.


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          Thanks a lot Megsy. That really helps me to figure out what I want. Great pics too. Do you ride your V4 at your target volume or a little bigger?


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            Not a problem and thanks!

            My ideal volume is 24.5 - 25 litres.

            The 5'8" V4 sits at 25.8 litres so it's a little bigger than my target volume but I use it mainly as a step-up board.