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    Never had an RF but as a back up board for hollow powerful beachies you cant go wrong with a V4. And they are no worse than the V boards to paddle, but duckdive better. I had big wave break 4m in front of me and it was borderline toss your board, but the V4 went down straight and i didnt have to wrestle the crocodile too much to pop up again. And i was under for a while. 2 of them in a row and i would have been in trouble.
    I know from riding my 49lt spitfire in large surf what too much volume is like to duckdive, but the extra speed in avoiding getting cleaned up is a bonus, as i turn around and watch everyone else get washed in!
    In comparison, [speaking of boards that are a bit out of older guys leagues] the sci fi duck dives and paddles quite well, catches waves ok, but is more 'skittish' to ride in powerful surf, the V4 feels more stable.


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      What was the final verdict for you apache ?

      I finally decided to let the 5'10 V4 go on Gumtree (sold after 1 day! Tezza is too in love with his Cornice, so asked me to sell it rather than give it back ;) ) ... can you believe the guy that bought it actually knows Tomo's dad! had so much to talk about I nearly didn't let the guy leave ;)

      For me, I finally decided the 5'10 V4, while it felt like the perfect length, just had too much volume... for me a 5'10 or 5'11 with 26 or 27L max volume would be perfect, and possibly make it the only board I'd need.

      I'll be keeping my 5'8 for now, as it's the closest match... though it probably won't get much use - only when conditions are perfect (and not much sweep).

      I now have a 5'10 Lib Tech that I prefer over the 5'10 V4... going to spend some more time comparing it to the 5'8 V4 (as well as my VG and Nano) now to see if I can thin out my quiver a bit more as I feel I currently have too much overlap, but having trouble deciding what to let go of ... problems, problems ;)


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        Thanks for your feedback !!!!!
        Still haven't done anything, kinda hoping seller drops in price if no one buys it, it's in France and probably not many guys in my weight range out there .... :)


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          good idea... I did the same on a board a while back that I felt similarly about ... knowing there probably wasn't much demand for it. But I also didn't mind missing out on it either if someone else wanted it more ;)

          It started at $450, but eventually got all the way down to $200 before I finally snapped it up ;)


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            That's very shrewd buying there iFX.64 :-)
            I don't know if I'd have had the patience to wait until it dropped to $200 from $450. I would have jumped on it at $300-350.


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              Well mine is RF and 300 Euro (roughly AUS-dollar). In FST it would already be mine.


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                well, it wasn't a V4, otherwise I would have jumped in sooner ;)

                It was a step-up that I knew wouldn't get much use, but when it dropped to $200 for a brand new, still with stickers on it Firewire, I couldn't say no ;)

                But it sat on my board rack for a year and only got wet twice, so figured I'd put it back up on Gumtree and try to recoup some $$ I lost on one of my other boards I didn't buy so well ;)

                The profit ended up being exactly what I lost, so was good to even things out ;) The step-up was easily worth $400 as it didn't have a mark on it, so the guy I sold it to still got it for a good price...

                I was just really lucky that who I bought it off wanted it gone .. it was ex-stock from the Volcom board lab after they stopped selling boards... All the boards that were left after the sales in the shop, ended up on Gumtree.

                But getting back to the V4... I think I might take my 5'8 V4 out tomorrow morning... see if I can still ride it after kooking it so badly on the 5'10 the other day ;)
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                  by the way, I was planning on buying it sooner for 300 - 350, but I didn't have time to get down there - then I noticed each week it just kept dropping even further in price (and in the search results) ;)

                  a lot of people repost their ads to keep them up the top of search results, but they didn't... so it just kept going further and further down, so after a few weeks it was almost impossible to find unless you'd already added it to your favorites... that obviously worked in my favour ;)


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                    The reports were saying lots of water moving around, strong winds blah blah blah... so I was put off thinking about paddling the little V4, and took the VG instead... but when I got to Currumbin, it was still very clean and hardly any sweep, so paddling the V4 wouldn't have been a problem after all :(

                    Oh well, I'll take it tomorrow... at least I got to get back on my VG which I haven't taken out in months...

                    I've gotta say, I can't believe it's been sitting unridden for so long! I'd forgotten how good that board is... had some amazing waves on it today, absolutely flying through sections I probably wouldn't have made on my other boards. I definitely wouldn't want to go bigger than 5'4 in decent waves... I could probably go a little smaller actually - although paddling into waves might become an issue then ;)

                    I'm now really looking forward to comparing how awesome the VG went to my V4 tomorrow (hopefully in similar conditions) - really wishing I took both today.


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                      OK, quick update... 5'8 V4 went even better than the VG ... though terrible paddler.
                      The 5'4 VG even though the same volume (0.1L difference) as the 5'8 V4, it paddles almost as good as the 5'10 V4... weird...

                      Anyway, even though it totally wore me out, it was worth it for how it felt on the wave... looks like I'll have to keep both, even though there's a lot of overlap.


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                        Hi iFX, thought I had better comment as this thread has helped me tremendously. I'm 51, 5'8", 70kg and normally ride boards around 28L. Live in Portugal. My quiver is;

                        Pyzel Flash 6'1 28L - I use it as my big wave board - Used it a couple of years, great point break / open water board.
                        Lost Rocket V3 5'8" 28.5L - Bigger beach break board, gets a bit skittish in open water.
                        Tomo Vader 5'4" 27L - Smaller beach break or clean days
                        Custom PU board 5'9", approx 27l volume up front with pin tail for wedges. Doesnt get used much, under volumed for me.
                        Lost Puddle Jumper 5'7" Carbon wrap Groveller 35l - Awsome groveller and it duckdives OK. Plus I use it in open water when its a bit fat.

                        I've been after a step up 'ish' board for getting in to the points a bit earlier, mostly I'd be able to paddle around the white water. A V4 6.0' FST has come up on Boardshop 2nd hand immaculate. The Flash is 28L whereas the V4 is 31L, just that bit extra I need but then the epoxy might make it a bit too corky. Reading your reviews I'm going to hold fire, I was really not sure but I think it sounds like over voluming an epoxy board rather than PU is not the best idea.

                        Anyway, thanks for a good read :)