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  • Water damage

    I have had two LFT boards in the past. A friend put a tiny hole in the first, after which it was in the water about 5 mins. this caused s large 2 sq ft water stain.
    The second developed a waterstain the other side of a leaking fin box.
    Research showed that firewires suck in water after a ding - then waterstains on the bamboo decks.
    My question is, are the timberteks prone to the same problem, imbibing water rapidly after a ding? I'm thinking of buying a new timbertek but am very hesitant after these past experiences.
    After the 2nd incident my local shop returned the board to firewire for me. There was asolutely no damage, dings etc., they were extremely reluctant to give me a new board (there was nothing to repair). So I dont want to go down that road again.
    Can anyone help. do timberteks suck in water also?
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    I must be sooo unlucky to be the only one to have these experiences.
    Any feedback from the Firewire team?
    This isnt filling me with confidence to buy another!


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      All EPS boards will suck water if you crack or ding them, pu boards also take on water but it won't travel all the way through the board but stays more localised. The only construction I am aware of that doesn't take on water if dinged is XTR but I have heard it is very expensive if you are not in the US and some concerns about delamination due to heat. The key with FW boards is to get out of the water straight away if you do ding the board and look after it out of the water and check over it regularly. If you are concerned about board longevity, try a FST or new Helium construction next time, they are bulletproof and should last way longer than a pu.


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        Thanks for the reply. I really would like another, loved the shape, but the black waterstains (which apparently don't happen) are so off putting. I often surf miles from a repair guy, small dings fine, but the thought of having a proper whomper!!! The board would be a write-off.


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          Strange! Still no input from the firewire team?


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            I have had multiple friends that cracked TT boards on the deck (just from foot compressions), had water seep in, and then the wood sort of rotted and they snapped the board in half while surfing small waves. 3 or 4 people I know this happened to.. I imagine it has happened to more.