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Removing traction pad on Timbertek

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  • Removing traction pad on Timbertek

    Hey guys, just got a nice little technograin baked potato... I did put the tail pad right up by the plug though and realised its way too far back, actually behind the rear fins and need to change it up... Is there anything I should know now that I've pulled it off? Can I use acetone on this beautiful piece of work? Likewise, pulling the tail pad off, is there a coating or anything that may come off with it?? Any help is appreciated, I want to look after my new stick!!

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    I wouldn't be using acetone!! Use a hair dryer or very carefully use a heat gun to soften the glue on the tail pad and it should lift ok. Be careful not to heat too much


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      Don't get too worried just yet.
      1-Everyone ( I hope ) with a 5 fin board will find that the tail pad is over the back of the rear centre fin. And therefore entirely behind the rear quad fins. (This is perhaps only true of quads with a 'separated' rear fin set-up. Which is true of the BP)
      2- You will look like a Pro with your tail pad so far back.
      3- If you're really not happy, you should chalk this up on the 'Experience Chart', and just sell the brand new board. You should still get a much better price for it that you will for the potential damage that could occur.
      But, as per my 1st thought, it's possibly not too bad. Does the pad reach as far forward as the middle of the front fins - then no worries whatsoever. JMHO


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        Yeah I agree with sarge, you want the kick of your pad over the end of the center fin plug. so maybe its not too far back? I almost feel that for your pad to be too far back it would have to be ON the leash plug...


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          also NEVER use acetone on a board and avoid touching it yourself. That stuff is not cool!!! Anyways it will weaken epoxy. To take the pad off, definitely start with heat and if you need to remove glue, use a citrus goo gone type product and use paper towels or a cotton fabric to rub and buff it off.

          hope this helps


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            I like my pads with the rear kick pretty much over the centre of the rear fin. Much further back and for me the board feels too "tippy".


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              Awesome guys, thanks. Goo gone it is! I already pulled it off and yeah, I noticed when I moved the back foot up a little it drove a lot better. I really like using that kick to push into turns so a half inch further will make all the difference. Likewise, I'm using it as quad all the way so no need for centre fin... Thanks for your help! These boards are sealed under the wood, right? Do I need to worry that I pulled any laminating coat up with the pad??
              Thanks again