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    Did someone say Cornice?
    Same here Tezza, I'm still heavily addicted to the Cornice. 15 months on and it still gives me that new board excitement. Just keeps getting better!


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      Sorry to be a bit off topic, but speaking of fins... Hey tezza I too, surprisingly, have been riding just one of my boards the past couple months or so... surprising because it's a board I initially wasn't too sure about and was thinking about selling.

      I rode it for about 3 weeks when I first got it and then it sat on my board rack for months as I originally bought it as a semi groveller but found even my V4 grovelled better most of the time - probably due to the more extreme concave, the V4 was simply faster.
      But there were other things I did like about the board - the grab rails, concave in the deck (front foot position), strength and feel in the water etc... it just didn't have that Tomo get up and go I was used to ;)

      Anyway, sorry I'm getting long winded again, I said this was about fins ;) ok, so it sat on the rack and I was never really tempted enough to take it out, there were always others I'd rather take... but thought before I sell it, I'll play with a few fin combos just to be sure as I'd only ridden it as a thruster using the fins it came with. I thought I'd try it as a quad, with and without nubster, maybe even a twin ;)

      But the first alternate fin combo I tried was simply swapping out the rear fin for an FCS 3D Red Tip I'd recently acquired... and damn! it completely changed my opinion of the board!

      I was doing big snaps on these tiny weak crappy waves as if they had a lot more power... really surprising what a difference this one fin made!

      I thought it was a bit of a gimmick, but it really felt like the board had a bit more lift (similar get up and go feeling to riding my V4 or VG) and maybe loosened it up a little as well as gave the board a bit more stability in chop and wash... it's a shame I can't try it in my other boards as all but one are Futures ;)

      I also found that this board with this fin still felt great in the recent swell we've had - I thought it might only go well in smaller stuff, but even in more powerful waves it seemed to go really well. I haven't wanted to ride anything else since ;)

      If you get a chance to try one of these fins, it's definitely worth a go.


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        Hi ifx, what lib tech baby did you cheat us with :)?


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          hehe... just one of their own designs, a 5'10 libtech bowl... It was half price, so couldn't resist.
          27L - the volume I wished the 5'10 V4 was ;)
          I love my 5'8 V4 (25.8L) but I find it a tough paddle when conditions aren't perfect.

          I'm currently just seeing what kind of range this libtech can handle... hasn't been easy with the lack of waves we've had lately, but I managed to get out a couple times these last few days in some decent sized conditions.

          It's designed to be a small wave board, I think... not an ultra small groveller, but just a HP small wave board, so still requires some work ;)

          When conditions are cleaner though, I'd go for my V4 or VG ;) But I found the Bowl to work well if I can only take one board and don't know what conditions I'm going to get.

          I noticed they don't sell this model anymore... it's since been replaced by a new version, looks very interesting, but doubt I could get one for the price I got this one for ;)

          I see that libtech have changed their fin boxes too, so that they also support FCS2 fins now... something that's always bugged me about their boards only using their own boxes... though I'd still prefer Futures ;)

          anyway, again, sorry... back to Cornice fins ;)


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            Love the stoke Goanna2 and iFX.64!