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    Montygoesbananas loving the MF neo Carbon Fins the flex and response is perfect, they won't be coming out of my Sharpeye disco at all.


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      All my old futures boards - all the plugs are still solid, totally tight, no movement with the fins and sit perfectly flush.

      But the last two NEW boards I've bought that had futures (including a Firewire Gamma) had really bad futures plugs, where they were slightly too wide and the fins would just drop in with absolutely no resistance - the first red flag as I'd never comes across futures plugs before that didn't require at least a little force to push the fin in... but basically the fins would wobble from side to side - all plugs - and only stiffen up once screwed tight... though since it was just the screw stopping them from the sideways wobble - there was still some slight movement AND it wouldn't take much for them to come loose, as that extra give in the box meant just from riding the board and putting that pressure on the fins while turning etc, the screw would slowly come loose due to the extra sideways motion, and next thing you know, after a few waves, they'd be flopping from side to side again. Firewire reckoned there was no problem because tightening the screw would stiffen them up (temporarily), so were of no help.

      I checked other boards the store had in stock, and while they weren't as bad as mine, they still weren't as tight as they should be, so futures definitely appear to have gone downhill with some recent batches of plugs - and yeah, I tried about 10 different sets of fins (futures, shapers, 3d, Captain etc) and while some were better than others, they all had at least a little wobble...

      So while futures has always been my favorite fin system - still is in my older boards - I'm very wary of them in new boards and will always be taking a set of test fins with me to try out before buying anything with futures... and most likely going with fcs1 or fcs2 instead :( if these problems continue.
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        Had never any issues with futures.
        More problem fitting them in that having anything wobble, but it seems that there has been some trouble out there lately. My new ghost is great fin-wise, my Omni 5'8, unridden, is the same. Your idea, ifx, is genius. But as I always buy boards blind and online I'll never be able to test first. Let's hope they'll get it fixed soon.
        With fcs2 I never had any issues, but they are not al alike either. Some are super tight (my #, my sci-fi), some are easy (evo). Guess that's the normal industrial margin of variation - and poor quality control.


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          Nice report ifx.64 you are spot on I've had the same experience. Futures are about to release a new fin box, so hopefully resolves the wobble fin box problem . Anyway I'm riding FCS 2 full-time now and love my MF neo Carbon Fins. Montygoesbananas are you getting a set of MF neo Carbon?


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            Thinking about it Fitchy, I have the performance glass ones and to be honest I just move them between boards depending on which board I am going to take out. I used them in my # this morning in some solid 4 foot swell on an inside bombie at long reef and they are such a good fin for power surfing. Yesterday surfed similar spot but beach break on my SKX and tried a quad setup (kinetic racing X4) which was ridiculously fast and fun but couldn’t do the power turns like the MFs so I’m thinking maybe the MF neocarbon might go great in the SKX for so,e extra spring and leave the glass flex in # which is sort of my step up board now. Price is pretty appealing will wait for next sale from surfstitch and grab a set I think.


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              Yeah Monty, I might get a set of MF performance core fins for waves 5 ft+ and my MF neo Carbon will be for 5ft under. 2 fin quiver for all conditions perfect. I could even have a play with MF performance core fronts with MF neo Carbon rear and see how that goes.


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                The problem isn't the fin boxes - the glossers are. If they don't do a proper job, the fin boxes doesn't fit properly.

                I've had fin box issues with Fcs fusion and FCS 2. Not yet with Futures (touch wood!), but I'm sure if I ride them long enough I will.

                Had a chat with one my local shapers and he said the quality control on mass produced board are terrible. They should check the fin box of each board before it leaves the factory.

                It's actually quite difficult to get a too tight or wobbly fin box (unless you cut corners). You're suppose to set the fin box with a fin in it when glossing - this guarantees a snug fit.

                All of the above aside, my biggest issue with FCS is that the fin boxes comes in different degree angles. This means that if the box is not set perfectly - you might end up with boxes with different splays.


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                  The MF neo is such a sick fin I’m loving mine in the slab maiden.

                  The futures boxes in the sloth and melted and perfect and the FCS2 in the slab are perfect I use a sliding bevel on all my boards to check they are set right

                  I’m saying that the banana futures boxes were so tight I couldn’t get the fins in. The stubby were fine, creeper was fine and the gamma maybe a touch loose from memory. I guess any local made board should be generally fine it’s the pumped out stuff that I would think has potential for issues as already mentioned.
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