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QuadFish High Volume or Low Volume

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  • QuadFish High Volume or Low Volume

    Hi Guys,

    I m 5'9 170lb

    Been riding a 6'0 Dominator 34Liter.
    Looking at the 5'6 Quadfish 28 Liter. The dominator feels too much float for me. Since the fish is so short, should I keep it at higher volume or get it at a lower volume than 34 Liter?

    Looking for a shredder in 2-4 feet waves


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    I think even the HP QF is going to be a step back in performance from the Dominator. Unless you're Rasta of course.
    If you want max performance in 2-3ft surf, I'd consider the 510 Sub Scorcher.
    If you want to stay with the wider boards the 508 Spitfire or even Dominator in that smaller size. The Potatonator sounds real fun for 2-3ft too as long as its not a thumping sand bar.


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      I've surfed my p'nator in thumping tubes at Byron main beach at 3' plus and been really happy with how well it handled itself.
      Positive the v in the nose helps with steep takeoffs.
      Also surfed it in Sunshine coast beachies with good tubes more than a few times.
      No problem. I'm so biased. :-)