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Quad fish vs lost round nosed fish

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  • Quad fish vs lost round nosed fish

    Just wondering if any similarity between the quad fish and lost rnf ? Are they totally different beasts or would they share some characteristics?
    Have a quiver gap am wanting to fill and like idea of quadfish... Wanting to make sure it will be right for some grovel and also up to a few feet...

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    I've surfed the high performance quad in small and fun sized waves. Real fun, but it does surf more down the line. I haven't surfed the RNF but I picture it being a slight more performance driven design more like the El Fuego.
    I could well be wrong though!


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      Sorry PRJ but the RNF IS more like the quad fish and really not at all like the EF. The main difference between the RNF and the Quadfish is the RNF has a more pulled in tail giving it a bit more performance than the quad fish but the EF is much more HP again than the RNF. I have ridden all three.


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        So maybe Fuego style back end on a Quad Fish style front?

        I haven't ridden a RNF but have seen plenty of footage of people doing mental stuff on those things that I wouldn't imagine anyone doing on a QF but could on an El Fuego. That's kind of what I was basing off.

        As you've ridden all 3 you're in a better position to advise than me though!