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I F*cking Love my TJPro... can I customize it????

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  • I F*cking Love my TJPro... can I customize it????

    Hey Chris,

    Is the TJPro able to have its dimensions tweaked if one were interested in a custom order? I've been ridding the board for about 9 mo's, LOVE IT! There really is no comparison to a PU Longboard. I have yet to fix a single ding in this board, and I ride without a leash; at Trestles (a literal hotbed for dings at low-tide for those that know). The quality, and more importantly the durability, of your boards sent me to purchase a 5'8" Spitfire a month a ago for an upcoming trip to CR... Love it so far. I bit weak as a thruster, better as a quad, loved it once it became a 4 1/4 fin.

    Anyway...I would love to be able to scale the TJPro down, just a little, from its current size. I've been able to realize, competing against him, that Taylor is quite taller than I and thus has a bit more leverage from the waist down. His ability to throw that board around thru roundhouses and airs is impressive. I think some (especially the younger generation) could benefit from a board approximately 9' X 21 1/8 X 2 1/2. Basically a board a little less bulky thru the middle 3d and a tail slightly more pulled in and rounded then the squash. I started this board as a 2+1 (rocking a 6" center fin and PC-3 sides) as I have always ridden. I noticed immediately that the board called for more. I put in a set of HI-1 thrusters and will officially NEVER rock a 2+1 on a Hi-pro LB again! I guess I'm basically trying to squeeze as much as I can out of this model. Thoughts?

    Was there ever a consideration for a board with slightly smaller dimensions? I mean, with the strength and durability felt on the 900Q-03 I would be blown away to find out that a smaller board would be too fragile. Anyone else experience similar feelings?

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    stoked you love your board!!

    at this point we aren't making the TJ pro available for customization, but he is working closely with Nev on a few projects. I am not sure yet what they'll lead to, but I can keep you posted!