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Where is detail on TJ Everyday 904

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  • Where is detail on TJ Everyday 904

    TJ everyday might be what I'm looking for.
    Currently enjoying Crossfire 9'1 swallow tail quad, but also in process of replacing my larger "everyday" board for something slightly longer and turns a little nicer.
    Was just about to order a standard poly board 9'3 x 23 x 3, but would rather wait and go with the TJ 904 if its close to those diamentions.
    Can't find any detail on the site.
    Can someone please provide diamentions including tail, nose, volume and comment on its rocker and tail lift.
    Most of all, when will it be available in Oz.

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    The Everyday is a new model for this year, info should be dropping very soon. Hang in there!
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      yeah dims are close to that. 904 and definitely 3" thick. not totally sure on the width...close to 23 though...

      that board will be released ASAP....


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        Sounds good actually (on the TJ everyday). Any idea on the weight? I personally like a bit of weight in a longboard, but that tends to go against what you guys are doing with the other boards (ie light).


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          i do not have weight specs. Weights are difficult to give out because it makes its really hard for the retailer because then people go in to shops and asks the staff for scales, and sometimes they have misinformation and think the actual weight of the board is off.

          From an internal perspective we have thresholds that we build our boards within, so the best thing would be to try to hold the board. I can say, from a qualitative perspective, it is between heavy retro gloss coated longboards and the ultralight epoxy techs out there. They are built to be performance boards so they have comparable weight to sanded-finished performance PU longboards.

          Hope this helps a little bit.