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Spitfire 6'0 volumes

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  • Spitfire 6'0 volumes

    Can anybody help with the 6'0 spitfire volumes.

    i looked at a friends 6'0 20/1/2 x 2/12 spitfire and the volume on the rail and it states 34.9 litres also several websites selling the boards in the UK also state 34.9 litres, yet the firewire website states 35.3 litres and are stating that the pre order boards for March 2012 for the 6'0 are 35.1 litres. has the volume of the new 2012 models been increased?? Can anybody shed any light on the actual correct volume?

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    The correct volume is 34.9L

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll make the change online. Regardless that difference is SO MINOR in a board like the 600 Spitfire as its about 1% difference. You would have to be a magician to feel that!!

    Hope this help!!


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      lol yeah i know its only minor but for my chunky ass that 0.4 litre of volume makes a whole world of difference ha ha ha


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        ha. you'll be good to go!