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Futures equivalent to FCS PC-3 for Taj 5'11

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  • Futures equivalent to FCS PC-3 for Taj 5'11

    Have a new Taj 5'11 w/ Futures. I have ridden FCS PC-3s for years & they have been perfect. I can't find Futures that work as well. I surf fast, hollow, short beachbreaks. I have tried the V2 F4 Vector II and the V2 FJC1 BlackStix - I went opposite ends of the spectrum. The V2 F4 is allegedly a more advanced fin, but I found it had a delay, was unstable, and had no drive. The FJC1 had no drive either, which makes me wonder if the problem is the Vector II.

    Two questions: (1) Most importantly, has anyone used Futures that worked like the PC-3? (2) Will the F4-Hex-RTM work better than the V2 F4 that I tried?

    Thank you.

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    Have you taken a look to the tokoro??? Have a friend who's very heavy footed and this guy swear for those. He's around 85 Kgs as well but he really like to dig the board if you know what I mean.


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      Thanks. Those look like they'd work. Did your friend ever ride PC-3s or 5s. Has anyone ever tried the V2 Chilli. It's dimensions look like they may work.


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        in standard shooters i have found the jc flat h/comb offer as much drive as needed in all surf and still all the release i need...plenty of tip area to push against...the blackstiks i definitely cant push as hard...the vector2's in b/stiks i have used (am1 jc and ea) are quite thin foils with soft flex...did you only have the cheap plastics in jc's??..they also are very flexy...try flats in honeycomb or techflex for other templates....i used to use fcs 3's, 5's and k2.1's...(and old 6's from the early range...great step up fin)


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          Yeah he did but on a diferent board so no comparison there. I've seen him surfing and this guy rails the board pretty hard, so hard that he looks enraged!!


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            So the honeycomb flat fins have more drive & more instant responsiveness due to less flex? What is the difference between Techflex & straight honeycomb?

            I've only ridden the V2 Black Stix and V2 F4.

            (FW recommends the F4 htm, which are just flat, but my shop only had V2s. The delay in response of the V2 shape bugged me more than anything.)

            Thanks - very helpful response.


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              Stiffer fins are responsive but are more difficult to turn while flexible fins allow spring out of turns, but can be noodley and kill your drive if they are too flexible. Flex can make the difference between a board being too stiff or perfect, or making a late drop vs rag-dolling down the face of a wave.
              We design the flex for each fin by combining the latest materials available with advanced construction techniques to create the best flex for each fin. Stiffer fins react quickly but can flutter and make a board feel hard to turn if they are too stiff. Fins with flex allow you to load up and are more forgiving, but can be noodley and kill your drive if they are too flexible. There is a critical window of flex for each template and foil that will be best for each fin.

              We design our fins to have stiff bases, because this is where the power and drive come from. A good fin should have progressive flex. Meaning as you move towards the tip the flexibility increases. We have a test fixture and we flex our fins in two places to make sure that they have a minimum stiffness in the base, and the tip has a flex within a prescribed range for each construction.

              Honeycomb - Lightweight hexagonal core. Gives the fin the feel of glass-ons. Engineered with a medium flex pattern, stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than glass and Techflex.

              The Techflex on the other hand, has a flat foil instead of a V2 so we designed the fin to open out so the cant will increase as the fin flexes in the middle (where there is no carbon). This enables the fin to generate more lift. The carbon in the tip makes the tip extremely responsive.



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                Thanks a lot. Looks like I need the Honeycomb or Techflex. I like small fins, like the PC-3 (even PC-5s are too big for me), but need them to be stiff to make up for the size. I am going to go with the F4 techflex or honeycomb (I'll check flex compared to the PC-3). I bet the recommended fins would have worked if the shop had them.


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                  great stuff from iggy....if you have not tried honeycomb then i would start there...plenty stiff and responsive but still alive...techflex are really stiff and can feel a little "dead" and a little bound up in the wrong waves...for me anyway...


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                    by the way, hunt eBay for your futures fins..just don't outbid me..!!


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                      me again, just read your bit about your delay in response with the B/stiks/v2...thats exactly why mine are collecting dust...some guys love them and dont feel any negative with this flex (which by the way in B/stiks is sideways) throws me right off my game and timing...sounds like you too...i started with ea B/stiks when i moved to futures and could not make sections and was early/late hitting B/stiks in jc's, slightly better but same problem...a mate who was making freight trains on honeycomb jc's came in and we swapped fins...BINGO...
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                        Using the f4 v2 black stix in small waves at dbah, fantastic, dont seem to work.anywhere else, was doing backhand 360, there, need push in the wave. Tried them in muhier waves with a Amt rear, no waves as yet, though.