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  • Best board in the range

    I know the other models especially the Dom are the most talked up but I think the Taj pro could quite possibly be the best board in the range
    In the right waves I dont think anything beats it
    I think Taj Burrow and Nev have had this board refined for performance for years and the end result is almost the perfect short board

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    For punchy, hollow waves between shoulder high and head and a half it's an absolute beast for sure. I wish the waves were perfect more often so I could ride it lots!


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      yeah. steepness is critical in my opinion. but how good does that board feel backside? feels like you can jam it into any section and have no trouble with the reentry.



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        It's funny, Ive had a 6'2 Taj for a few years now and all YOUR exact thoughts cross my mind when thinking about it. That board is an absolute murderer!!! Ive never had a board that makes any drop with ease and absolutely EXPLODES off the bottom back up.


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          i know we have the pro.file now, but i think i'll try and hunt out if a 604 taj is lost in cobwebs was one of those boards you would drop into anything with...anything lurking in a dark corner up there Nev..???... apart from you..!!
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            core call the currumbin offices...they may be able to help you...


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              I know mr Burrow is no longer riding for Firewire but he is riding matts shapes. Any plans to do the beach buggy or tai whip in FST ? It would be interesting to see matts take on the taj board. FW would sell en my the ton I recon.