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Taj 6'4" vs. Flexefire 6'4"?

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    Yeah. There are major issues and I was just emailed by the CIA and they have to raise the threat level here in the US to orange because of that.


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      sorry guys, but the new forum was too shiny and clean...had to sully it up....give it its first ding...!! scuffing up new shoes.. :P

      keen observers will notice my daughters look of disgust...and family disgrace...!!

      norberg, sorry, your thread derailed a bit here....keep us in the loop mate, it's interesting how us heavier guys go about accommodating our weight while keeping the performance aspect intact...


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        ha classic.


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          yeah and surf slightly softer waves too. uber progressive rocker but can also be passed around in average surf. its niiiiiiice.


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            Hey Chris

            I see that the MB board is finally out. Can't wait to order one. Quick question though. The 6'4" is 2 3/4 thick which is a lot more than what I am used to. I do not think I will mind the thickness as long as it is located in the center of the board and that the rails are not to beefy.

            Would you compare the rails with the Flexfire 6'4 or are they way thicker?


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              I think the rails are going to be pretty refined, it's MBs pro model after all!


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                I would think that the rails would be pretty refined. Just not 100% comfortable with ordreing one before I hav some idead of the rails. I have ordrerd pro model boards before that where designed to suit bigger dudes and ended up with something that didnt feel right.

                The board looks sick so I will probably order it anyway as soon as I have something to compare the railvolume too:-)



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                  Jeebus, I can't spell. Apologies:-)


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                    A rail comparison feature like the compare foils feature would be a good addition to the site


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                      Chris, is the Spartan mentioned on the first page another new board or another name referencing the MB?

                      I started a thread here and thanks to prj and crp for their responses. I'm of the same size, 6'2" 85-90kg and my gut tells me right around 34-35L would be ideal for me, really I'm guessing. I can't remember but I believe my last board shaped in Portugal when working there was 33-35L. I feel the dimensions of a 6'4" Alternator would be good but probably wanting a more refined but still user friendly shape...FLEXFIRE???

                      What do you guys think of a Flexfire 6'4" x 19 1/2" x 2 5/8" to get more volume? Unfortunately I'm in landlocked Canada and demoing, etc isn't an option. I want to order something soon to be ready for Indo in April.


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                        The Spartan and MB are the same board. Spartan is Michel Bourez's nickname. I can how how that might be confusing.


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                          Originally posted by prjwebb View Post
                          The Spartan and MB are the same board. Spartan is Michel Bourez's nickname. I can how how that might be confusing.
                          Didn't know that was his nickname but thought it might be due to the sticker graphic on the board.


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                            Hey all, regarding the Michel, the things that make it unique are as follows:

                            volume: for a HP board, there is a little added volume which makes the board paddle great. you'll find most of this in the center of the board, while the rails are still high performance. Don't think flexfire though, they have a little more beef.

                            rocker: straight high performance here despite having a little more volume over the length of the board. it turns and performs like any HP board, just make sure you pay attention to the volume that you are getting, you could be 2"+ shorter than your standard board when going with the Michel.

                            suiting bigger dudes: yes and no. Don't mistake the primary objective in designing the Michel - to suit Michel Bourez. It just so happens that his power and style led to the development of this board. we did NOT set out to create an inflated HP short board. we started with the taj and adjusted it for Michel.

                            versatility: The board rips in a lot of conditions and you will be surprised how well it works at waist high while still being easy to control in bigger stuff.

                            Cheers all