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    I have been searching the threads here trying to figure out the correct size SP would fit me. Though I just want to double check and see what people think. I am a begin/intermediate surfer though don't surf enough to be in surfing shape. I am 5'11'' and 160lbs and 25yrs old. I surf mostly in New England and this would be for having fun on small days. I was think that 5'6'' would be a good size for me but not sure. Alright thanks in advance


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    Hey Westy, what are you currently riding?


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      Iggy, I am riding a 7'2'' WRV funboard


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        Any troubles there as far as popping up on the board, take offs and going down the line with your current board?


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          No I don't have much trouble with that


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            The thing is both boards (sweet and baked) pack lots of volume in such a compressed length that some people have difficulties adapting to the shorten in length. What's the shortest board you've ever ridden?. Have you surfed anything shorter than your current board lately?Volume wise and for the conditions you will be surfing you could be jumping on a 5'4", 5'6" will be a much safer bet but again, all depending on yur skills. I will take a look at the baked before the sweet. And even before this two maybe the Dominator... the sweet potato is not as recommended as the domintor for begginers.