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    hi everyone,
    i m new here and this is my first post. or better my first question :) you have probably heard this question many times but i m looking for the right size of my new SP i m going to buy... I weigh around 90kg and almost 190cm tall and 22 years old... I m not great at surfing yet since i m from germany... I spend one year in california surfing 2-3 days a week and 6 months in australia surfing 1-2 times a day :) so i m getting better and better... in september i ll come back to california and i want to buy a SP to take back home so i can try to surf some of the small powerless waves here in germany... and sorry for my english :) hope to get some good advise and thank you all for your help...

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    IMO you should go smaller than you think since you surf alot, you probably want to keep that board for a long time, once you'll get better you won't regret it!


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      I would go for either the Potatonator or the baked potato instead.The latter will handle the small stuff a bit better and it's a bit more refined than the sweet