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  • Drove over my Sweet P


    Surf was pumping recently and in a rush to get out the missus sidetracked me (asked me a question) and i forget to put the board which i had laid behind the car into the boot and in my rush drove straight over the board.....doooaaahhh

    The board was sitting fins down and i managed to snap the tags of one fcs mrtfx fins no damage to board and the oher fin folded ripping the fin box out!!! Doooaaahhhh

    The board has now been repaired and all is fine. I however must congratulate you guys as before i sent the board off for repair, i cleaned all the wax off and inspected for further damage. There was not a single mark on the whole board and it looked like new, no cracks, no dings, no pressure dents - the board could have been taken striaght from the shop!! Thus now its repaired i am a happy chappy as most pu's would have creased and snapped!

    ONE QUESTION THOUGH - there was a wood laminate belo the fusion box, what is this, is this layer part of the stringer or does it replace the high density foam you used to wrap around the fin boxes?????????????



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    just noticed this here and at msw


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      Mashed potato....bummer.


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        how many pounds does you car weigh on that axel of the car. curious..


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          rockhopper, I have done the same thing and for me, the only thing that broke was the boxes as well.

          do you happen to have any images of the wood? That fin box is right on the rail so are you sure it wasn't part of the balsa rail?



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            didnt bother taking the pic of the wood.....i thought it could have been the balsa stringer but the wood i refer to was directly under the fusion plug you can see and this is 3 inches in from the worries thoug all repaired and still working was just curious?